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Adult Learning Center

October 9 – Back when Dale and I still lived in Erie, PA, I used my skills as a teacher to volunteer as a tutor at the Adult Learning Center. The following blog post is about one of the people … Continue reading

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Ma and The Sick Kids

  September 22 – With seven children, Ma spent a good share of her time being nurse, doctor and entertainer of sick or injured children. By the time all of us were grown up she had had enough experience to … Continue reading

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Wintergreen Revisited x2

July 12 – When I was 13, and in John Hickey’s eighth grade home room at Wilson Junior High, the class decided to have an all-day picnic at Wintergreen. After meeting at the school, the group walked over East 28th … Continue reading

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Wintergreen Gorge Remembered

June 20 – Wintergreen Gorge. As a child I thought that was the best place in the whole world to be. From our house on Zimmerman Road, we trudged up to the entrance of the cemetery, at that time much … Continue reading

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Go With God…

January 29 – As those of you who follow our blog may know,  I was only 25 years old when I left my home in Pennsylvania for a long journey to Africa where I would be teaching. My mother wrote … Continue reading

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A Snake in the Laundry Room

January 9 – In late December, Dale had gone downstairs to get something that he needed to use to get the lid off a jar full of canned tomatoes. When he came back up the stairs, I was finishing off … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving II

December 27 – Yes, sooner or later I’ll get this story out there! As you may recall, my previous post started off at Thanksgiving. Here’s part number two: I didn’t think I was at all hungry, but when I checked … Continue reading

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A Bridge Too Far (Down)

November 27 – Awhile back, my nephew sent me a couple photos of a bridge near the town of Cambridge Springs some miles from Erie which he had just taken. Boy, did that bring back old memories of some things … Continue reading

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October Poetry

November 2 – How could anyone step out on the front porch or walk around in the pastures or what’s left of the garden, without bringing to mind the delightful poem October’s Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson? She was … Continue reading

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Baseball on the Block

June 12 – As I think back on my early childhood, and my remembrances of being part of a big family in those old days, ninety years ago, I don’t remember thinking that it was strange that there were five … Continue reading

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