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It’s Right to Write, Right?

January 11 – I have so many ideas I would like to write for this blog, but sometimes, or maybe I should say, often, we are so busy getting things done that we absolutely have to get done, that I … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day

December 7 – Here we are again, with another day to remind me of those very sad days back in December of 1941, when we were asked to “Remember Pearl Harbor,” and what happened there. How could we ever forget? … Continue reading

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A Piece on Poetry

November 15 – Just finished reading a couple e-mails, including one from our son David who is a talented poet! Actually both of our kids grew up enjoying poetry of all kinds, especially the limericks and humorous ones with the … Continue reading

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Some Early History – Part 2

October 3 – At one mission station, there was a famine and the missionaries had to find food for the students, so they sent out to the nearby villages and bought bags of dried locusts. The missionary men also went … Continue reading

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Some Early History

September 28 – For those of you who are newer subscribers to our blog, you may not be aware that I spent most of my growing-up years in Africa. In 1935 my parents were asked to go as missionaries to … Continue reading

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Working Outdoors = Good

August 20 – Just skimming through my list of things that need to be done outside or that have been checked off. Seems as if the older I get, the more I want to do, but sometimes I didn’t get … Continue reading

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Chis and the Apple Tree

August 10 – What I am going to write about in this post comes from a story I remember that took place about 85 years ago. For the first time, one of the new apple trees my dad had planted had … Continue reading

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90 And Counting

June 21 – This is a SHORT guest editorial by Chris and Dale’s son. I think it’s important to recognize that Chris turns 90 years old today! That’s something that not many people get to experience, and just wanted to … Continue reading

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Martin Luther and Martin Luther King

January 17 – A review of Martin Luther King Jr and his namesake, Martin Luther… Martin Luther King Jr, a Baptist minister, was a leader in the civil rights movement until he was assassinated in 1968. When he was born … Continue reading

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The Write Stuff

January 3 – Have been going through some notes as I sit at the computer this afternoon, trying to figure out how I should put them into a blog. I wish I could be like other folks who can sit … Continue reading

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