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October Nears the End

October 30 – Dale has brought in all of his plants from the front porch, and they enjoy the warmth of the living room as they sit in their containers on the plant table. He is so meticulous when it … Continue reading

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Laundry First, Followed by Sunflowers

October 29 – Another blog made up of bits and pieces that seem too short to make up an entire write-up, so here we go. With the temperature standing at 40 degrees this morning, we weren’t ready to get out … Continue reading

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Possum is as Possum Does

October 27 – One night last week we got ready for bed quite late, after midnight, and I went out to the garage to see if the cat was ready to come in for the night. When I turned on … Continue reading

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African Tales – Scorpions

October 25 – Scorpions are common in Africa, and I caught many a one under flat rocks, loose bark, or in burrows that they dug. Only once was I stung, and that by just a little guy perched on a … Continue reading

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We Meet an Interesting Man…

October 24 – We met an interesting man at the Aldi store the other day. As I was checking out the fresh pomegranates, he asked me, “What do you do with those things?” Well, there was only one answer. “We … Continue reading

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Spiders, Muskrats, and Dust

October 23 – Recently as we were leaving the home of Harvey’s parents after a visit with Harvey, Dale pointed to the space under the garage overhang and said, “Hey, look at that spider.” There was a big garden spider … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Winter (Bah-humbug)

October 22 – The days are always so full of activities these days that sometimes it’s hard to remember what we actually did do during our time both inside the house and outside, the latter still being my favorite of … Continue reading

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Fall Walks

October 19 – It has been quite a nice day, once things warmed up a bit. Until then we just stayed inside and after giving up on the computer for a while, we sat and read. Finally Chris said she … Continue reading

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Teacher, Teacher – Part 4

October 18 – Yes, I think that teaching is the most rewarding of all callings, and I never know where I will find one of “my kids.” A few weeks ago, we attended a wedding in Lee’s Summit. When we … Continue reading

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Teacher, Teacher – Part 3

October 15 – Soon after volunteering at the Adult Learning Center came our move from Pennsylvania to Missouri to be closer to our kids who had settled in Kansas and Missouri, about 50 miles from each other. Just after we … Continue reading

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