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A Christmas Jumpback

January 15 – As I was thinking about Christmas the other day, and how our son David and his family (including grandson Christopher and his new wife Shana) came to visit with all of the presents they brought us, I … Continue reading

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At Work With Pa

December 4 – One Sunday when I was young, my father invited me to go to work with him that day. This, I thought, was an amazing opportunity. We pick up the story right around noon on that day… Finally, … Continue reading

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Ma and The Sick Kids

  September 22 – With seven children, Ma spent a good share of her time being nurse, doctor and entertainer of sick or injured children. By the time all of us were grown up she had had enough experience to … Continue reading

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Wintergreen Revisited x2

July 12 – When I was 13, and in John Hickey’s eighth grade home room at Wilson Junior High, the class decided to have an all-day picnic at Wintergreen. After meeting at the school, the group walked over East 28th … Continue reading

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Wintergreen Gorge Remembered

June 20 – Wintergreen Gorge. As a child I thought that was the best place in the whole world to be. From our house on Zimmerman Road, we trudged up to the entrance of the cemetery, at that time much … Continue reading

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Fire and Water (and crocodiles)

March 13 – One of the town as we lived in while I was a boy in Africa was called Clonsilla, a suburb of the town of Gwelo. My parents had rented a house there and in the yard around … Continue reading

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When “Nap” Was Still a Bad Word

February 10 – One of the things I really hated when I was little was to take a nap. Mom sent both Skeets (my younger sister) and me to bed in the afternoon so the house would be quiet for a change. … Continue reading

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A Bridge Too Far (Down)

November 27 – Awhile back, my nephew sent me a couple photos of a bridge near the town of Cambridge Springs some miles from Erie which he had just taken. Boy, did that bring back old memories of some things … Continue reading

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Gramma Christoph

October 21 – Today we are featuring a guest blog from Richard Christoph, one of my Erie nephews. He wrote the following about his grandmother, who just happened to be my mother as well! Gramma was an awesome woman. One … Continue reading

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Hey, What’s up, Doc?

August 14 – I had a real surprise recently as I was reading on the porch. As I looked up to rest my eyes, I could see a bunny rabbit standing by the mock orange, looking straight at me, with … Continue reading

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