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Hummers and the Hammocks

July 30 – Looking out across the road we can see the house of our neighbors, Janice and Bob, the parents of Harvey, who married our daughter Biz. (It’s great to have them nearby, recently Janice brought us over a dozen … Continue reading

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Not Working

July 28 – A number of times during these couple years since that we have been writing a blog, we have received comments both online and face-to-face. Sometimes they’ve been comical, sometimes happy, but the majority of remarks revolve around … Continue reading

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Wild Flower Power

July 26 – Nice to have a somewhat cooler day today according to the temperature on the thermometer (actually all of them) as they are stationed out on the front porch. Are you wondering why in the world we have … Continue reading

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Food Bar at HyVee

July 21 – During Town Day, we went to a department store to pick up a few things we needed. In the register line, we were behind a lady who was really holding up the line, asking questions about her … Continue reading

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African Tales – Feeding the Multitude

July 21 – One year at the Rusangu Mission there was a famine, caused by a drought that killed off most of the local crops. The mission was responsible for providing food for the students, for it had been paid … Continue reading

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Shopping in ALDI Right Places

July 20 – The other day we stopped in at ALDIs, a grocery store where folks generally move along pretty quickly, knowing just what they want and where they can find it. Now, me, I know what I am going … Continue reading

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A Wedding Flashback

July 18 – I knew she would be surprised by my answer, so I began my story, by saying, “You’ll never believe the story, but it’s really true. Just after I graduated from college, I began teaching in a school … Continue reading

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Town Day Doings

July 17 – How nice to find Richard visiting the post office last Thursday, trying to be helpful, and to make others happy. His successor has been appointed, but I don’t think Richard, busy as he will be during retirement, … Continue reading

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African Tales – Rusangu Mission

July 14 – In 1935 my parents accepted a call to go as missionaries to Southern Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe). They were assigned to Solusi Mission (now Solusi University) the oldest Seventh-day Adventist mission in the world, and Dad taught there … Continue reading

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Lumberjacks R Us

July 13 – After all of that cutting and carrying and tossing, I was not satisfied yet! I told Dale I wanted to read a bit and then go back with the push mower to cut the grass at the … Continue reading

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