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A Walk About the Neighborhood

December 31 – This blog will be short, at least much shorter than usual! It has been so cold around here that we haven’t been out walking for a couple weeks! Can you imagine that? Well, I’ll tell you. I … Continue reading

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Santa, in Three Acts

  December 28 – When I was a kid of about six or so, Mom made me a Santa, chunky and overweight as all Santas are. This one, made of felt, had a round head with the typical hat and … Continue reading

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Santa Stories

December 26 – Yes, Christmas is now past, but many of the memories will still be with us in the years to come. Here are several I remember from our son David when he was young, maybe around five. About … Continue reading

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Can’t Trust a Computer

December 22 – Those of you who read our blog know that Dale is the church communication director, so he is the one to write up the first part of our article for The Holden Image every week. Since we … Continue reading

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When You Gotta Stay Indoors

December 21 – have been so tied up with other things that just must be done right away, that I haven’t had a chance to write an overdue blog. Speaking of blogs, that’s part of the reason that I haven’t … Continue reading

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African Tales – Two Short Bits

December 18 – The following are two short stories from my days in Africa living in the town of Clonsilla. Neither one of which is long enough for a full post. So, we do a mashup… The last of our … Continue reading

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

December 16 – Last week, I once again remembered that horrific day on December 7, 1941. It was a day when I felt the whole world was changing and that I as just a young teenager did not have any … Continue reading

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Early Influences

December 11 – My parents, though we were far from rich or well-to-do, supplied us with plenty of food (you should see my picture when I was in sixth grade I was just about as wide as I was tall), … Continue reading

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Katydids and Katerpillars

December 7 – A few weeks ago, as we were walking the trails, we stopped at the iris bed where just one plant was trying its best to give a last bit of beauty to the area before winter came … Continue reading

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Farewell to November

December 1 – All my life from a child on, I have felt really sad when the beautiful blue skies of October have given way to November, reminding us that the time has come to be inside most of the … Continue reading

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