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No Nails No More

January 30 – This post is about having toe surgery. If you find that of “definitely – no interest!“, my feelings won’t be hurt! Otherwise, read on… Finally! Yesterday I had my two toenails removed from my big toes. When … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Brother Rich

January 30 – Two of the seven kids in our family were born in January, getting a good start on the new year. You may have read about my oldest brother Roy earlier in this blog. Now I’m going to … Continue reading

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Glad we’re not in Boston

January 28 – If you happen to still be in bed, don’t get up just to read this. Get your rest! But do save some of the day for outdoor activities, since it’s supposed to be so warm (at least … Continue reading

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Friends University

January 27 – The friends we write about regularly are doing well with some good news about a couple of them. The son of the local postmaster is doing well after surgery and is enjoying the soup he is allowed … Continue reading

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In which I say bamBOO to my ingrown toenail

January 26 – It has turned out to be a great day after the early frost wore off. Eventually I went outside and washed both vehicles, as they have been unwashed for quite a while. I didn’t notice that Chris … Continue reading

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The trip to town

January 26 – We are most fortunate as we have had just a bit of rain and cloudy skies most of the day, but the poor folks off to the east, after already suffering lots of rain and sleet and … Continue reading

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Hurrah – it’s Friday!

January 23 – It was certainly cold this morning, all white with frost, but seems to be warming up somewhat. I may venture out to dump the garbage and burn the trash papers. Chris peeled and cooked a lot of … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – Brother Roy (Part 3)

January 23 – In my younger days, I had a lump on my middle left finger. When Roy noticed it one night, he asked what the problem was. Well, I didn’t know because it had just grown a little bit … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – Brother Roy (Part 2)

January 22 – My brother Roy and Esther were married in May of 1938, not too long after her 19th birthday. She was always special to me, and I can remember how happy I was to be with her, all … Continue reading

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African Tales – Bees in the Trees

January 22 – Two short stories, both with the theme of “you just never know what you’ll find up in a tree!” In front of our house at Lower Gwelo Mission grew an old msasa tree that I liked to … Continue reading

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