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Book Plates. Or is that Books AND Plates?

December 28 – Earlier this month we were trying to find a parking place near Cartridge World where we buy new cartridges for our printer. I went in with Dale as he made the purchase, and then as we had … Continue reading

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Winter Weather. Why?

December 25 – Another chilly morning is here, and in my option, the worst time of year is approaching weatherwise. We’ve had some frosts and in the region even a few snow flakes. I hate to think of snow lying … Continue reading

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Animals, Animals, Dentist, Groceries

December 17 – Chris has been outside recently trying to scare a couple squirrels away from the bird feeder where they have been enjoying the sunflower seeds we put out for the birds. Those squirrels were very bold, and didn’t … Continue reading

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The Bridge, Part II

December 13 – Looking back over our blog posts, I just realized I never posted the rest of the dentist story from last month! So, have you been dying to find out what happened when we drove about forty miles … Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor Day

December 7 – Here we are again, with another day to remind me of those very sad days back in December of 1941, when we were asked to “Remember Pearl Harbor,” and what happened there. How could we ever forget? … Continue reading

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Bridge over Troubled Molars

November 30 – Almost twenty years ago when we still lived in Pennsylvania, I had my first bridge put in, and the dentist did such a good job, that I agreed to have him put in the second, one on … Continue reading

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