Can’t Trust a Computer


[ Holden Image ]

December 22 – Those of you who read our blog know that Dale is the church communication director, so he is the one to write up the first part of our article for The Holden Image every week. Since we were away from the house till pretty late, he decided that we should write the article the next day.

And so we did, and all went well. The first part of the article was followed by the words I wrote about the sermon. We are always pleased when we feel that the article is acceptable and hope that folks will enjoy it.

As usual I pressed the little attachment “paper clip” to make sure I would be ready to send off the article. Unfortunately, the article would not obey my call. In fact, and this is still hard for me to believe, the Image article had disappeared completely from the documents, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not bring it up!

Dale was not too happy to hear of our misfortune and said, “Well, let’s just skip it this week, and get back into the schedule next week!” My reply? “Well, we just can’t do that when the editor is expecting our usual writing!”

Good for Dale! He agreed to sit down at the computer once again and came up with almost the same words he had used earlier, since he keeps notes to help with his writing. I was next, and soon my writing was finished as well. So, not too much later, we had the article put together again, and off it went to the newspaper office. Computers! – CHRIS

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