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Snake and Bunny

June 16 – As I was walking out to the barn to get the lawn mower the other day, I thought I saw something in the grass, but it wasn’t moving. However, after I had stood still for a bit, … Continue reading

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Cows. And Squirrels. And Gluten.

April 14 – An interesting event took place across the road from us last week, in a pasture where cattle belonging to our son-in-law and his parents graze and wander about freely. We noticed a brown cow lying on her … Continue reading

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No, It Wasn’t Mickey

March 21 – So – reporting an interesting little incident that occurred in our kitchen recently. Chris was cleaning up around our toaster on the kitchen sink extension, and was wondering what all the little black items were. I suggested … Continue reading

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Harvesters and a Groundhog Tale

February 8 – Chris has one more installment left on cleaning the basement, but we’ll change subjects temporarily for now and give you a review of our latest “Harvesters Day.” The coldest day of the week, and wouldn’t it have … Continue reading

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African Tales – Two Short Bits

December 18 – The following are two short stories from my days in Africa living in the town of Clonsilla. Neither one of which is long enough for a full post. So, we do a mashup… The last of our … Continue reading

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Ends and Odds

November 17 – We enjoyed having our son Dave, his wife Darlene, and son Christopher here this past weekend, and enjoyed Dave’s sermon for church. He did quite well and got so many appreciative amens and chuckles from it. He … Continue reading

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Colors in the Woods

November 9 – Since we had heard it might rain, we decided to take our almost-daily walk along our trails that form the boundary of our property. Just as we had walked about 30 feet, Dale said, “I think it’s … Continue reading

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The Vole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

October 29 – So what’s the latest on our list of “jobs that were just begging to be done?” Well, you’re about to find out! First of all, while Dale has been out out tilling up the garden spot, well, … Continue reading

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Voles Like Sweet Potatoes?

October 10 – It’s been a calm, mild, cloudy day and I haven’t really accomplished much so far. Yesterday was a nicer day and I started it out in the garden, digging up our row of yellow O’Henry sweet potatoes. … Continue reading

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The Joys of Being Busy

  October 2 – Many years ago, maybe fifty, our son David came up with a new name for his little sister, Betty Jean. As usual she was moseying around here and there, checking on this and that, and enjoying … Continue reading

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