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The Long and Winding Road

March 30 – A final story from our town day yesterday. After we finished our visit with our friend Dana, we were back in the truck at the entrance to the hospital. “Left or right?” Dale asked. “I think it … Continue reading

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African Tales – Donkey Hotee

March 30 – The mission where we lived in Africa many years ago owned some donkeys and oxen to pull the carts when something had to be transported, and let them roam freely to find their own food. They scrounged … Continue reading

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A Busy Day in Town

March 29 – Our town day on Thursday was different than usual. We had planned to visit our friend Dana in the rehab center, but could not see her till about 3:30 because she would be in therapy for her … Continue reading

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Just a Routine Day in the Country

March 26 – Did some more cutting and trimming of stuff along the path down by the place where the old well lies under a pad of cement. It looks a lot different, but Dale says there’s really no point … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – Doilies, Rugs, and Pinocchio Dolls

March 25 – When my mother wasn’t busy cooking or gardening, she found the time to crochet, even though a part of her finger and thumb were missing, having been shot off in an accident when she was a young … Continue reading

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The Promise of Spring – at Last!

March 24 – Yes, I know it is an old saying but really “Spring has sprung!” As we walk around the pasture trails we see evidences of that statement all around us. So many kinds of flowers are either already … Continue reading

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Seed planting

March 23 – Just a quick entry while Chris is outside, cutting back some old rose bushes along our trails. I’m an inside person today. Nice to be living where gas prices are a little lower than our former home … Continue reading

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Piling up the piles

March 23 – For you folks in Chicago, sorry to hear about the snow, and hoping Spring will arrive there soon! What a winter this has been for most of the country, and I wonder how long it will take … Continue reading

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African Tales – the African Hornbill

March 20 – By day the mission campus was frequented a lot by hornbills, fairly large birds with huge beaks. Hornbills make their nests in holes in trees, and the male walls the female in with the eggs and baby … Continue reading

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Morning thoughts

March 19 – I went outside for a bit yesterday before the rain arrived. Chilly, but not bad till I just about finished the 105 (I counted them later) canes, cutting off the extra shoots. I thanked the Lord that … Continue reading

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