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Water Primrose Falls Under the Weed Category

August 30 – Yes, this cooler weather is fine. Even a bit too chilly in the evenings, so we close the doors and windows, and Chris had socks on in bed recently. We have been out raking the masses of … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – Family Together Time

August 29 – Thinking back to when I was a child, I remember that Ma spent just as much of her time as she could just being with us kids, sharing in our play. On the weekends she and Pa … Continue reading

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A man who hath friends…

August 27 – We all live our lives with those around us who help to keep us happy and determined to do what we can to help others who may be having problems. We also rejoice with those who make … Continue reading

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A shower that didn’t include rain

August 26 – Earlier this month our neighbors Laurie and Janice took me with them to the baby shower at a beautiful place high on a hill called Meadow View. I always enjoy talking with friends, including those who have … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

August 24 – Another nice coolish day here, it seemeth, with much dew on the grass in the morning. That bothered Chris a bit as she wanted to get out and do some mowing. So far I have been busy … Continue reading

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African Tales – An Interrupted Haircut

August 23 – Our pet monkey during my African days provided us with an interesting experience one day. My dad was barber for the missionary men at Solusi, and one day was cutting Elder Trumper’s hair out in the yard … Continue reading

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Cleaning up the flowers. And the blackberries. And the…

August 23 – Out of bed early the other day and off to the side hill where the cone flowers and yucca hold sway. For some time now, the once-beautiful cone flowers with their bright pink petals and dark centers … Continue reading

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Another Harvesters Tale

August 22 – What a beautiful scene as I looked out the back window a few mornings ago. Our new asparagus plants were bathed in the most beautiful green/blue dew that I have ever seen. Almost like seeing the work … Continue reading

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And the Books Came A-tumbling Down

August 21 – Last week as we were lying quietly in bed and talking about what we had accomplished during the day, we heard a kind of thumping noise. One thump, that’s all. Dale got up and using his flashlight … Continue reading

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A Flashback to Dizzy

August 20 – I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of Benign Paroxzysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV, but I can tell you that if you ever develop it, you are fortunate if you can find a specialist … Continue reading

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