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A Short Break

April 5 – This blogpost is not from Chris or Dale, but from their son-and-editor, Dave. I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of posts from this account over the past couple of weeks! Well don’t worry, my folks are still … Continue reading

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Harvesters (Chris edition)

August 6 – Somehow or other I have a reputation of praying that all will go well when the group of volunteers comes to the site for Harvesters each month. Just about every time, the Lord does honor our prayers, … Continue reading

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Around the World

April 21 – Through the years since our son David asked us to write a blog, we have sent out a lot of information to friends all over the world. Since he did all of the work except for the … Continue reading

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Royals Weddings and Babies

May 21 – The world stage has been growing with all of the plans for the wedding that took place this weekend, with another young lady welcomed into the British royalty! Need not ask what is first to be talked … Continue reading

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February and Birthdays

February 27 – Recently sent a birthday card to Jim Krause, one of our former pastors when we lived back in Erie, PA in 1985. Although he and his wife Eileen have lived in Florida a number of years, we … Continue reading

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It’s Right to Write, Right?

January 11 – I have so many ideas I would like to write for this blog, but sometimes, or maybe I should say, often, we are so busy getting things done that we absolutely have to get done, that I … Continue reading

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The Bridge, Part II

December 13 – Looking back over our blog posts, I just realized I never posted the rest of the dentist story from last month! So, have you been dying to find out what happened when we drove about forty miles … Continue reading

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Bridge over Troubled Molars

November 30 – Almost twenty years ago when we still lived in Pennsylvania, I had my first bridge put in, and the dentist did such a good job, that I agreed to have him put in the second, one on … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Harvey, Irma, and Maria

October 9 – As I sit here in the comfort of our home this evening, I am reminded again how blessed we are and how thankful we should be to know that we have nothing of the sad days that … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey Hurts

September 2 – While I sit here at the computer, with plenty of light, both artificial and natural with the sun shining through both windows, with all of the furniture and food and clothing, mostly in the same spot as … Continue reading

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