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A Bird in the House is Worth…

November 30 – This last Monday morning Chris opened the door into the garage that leads into the kitchen, and in flew a bird that must have been locked in the garage overnight. It flew right to the ceiling fan … Continue reading

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A Bridge Too Far (Down)

November 27 – Awhile back, my nephew sent me a couple photos of a bridge near the town of Cambridge Springs some miles from Erie which he had just taken. Boy, did that bring back old memories of some things … Continue reading

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Pears Following By a Mantis

November 14 – There are such things as coincidences that make me wonder sometimes how I am connected to all of the bits and pieces that happen to me in just one day! I am going to mention just two … Continue reading

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October Poetry

November 2 – How could anyone step out on the front porch or walk around in the pastures or what’s left of the garden, without bringing to mind the delightful poem October’s Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson? She was … Continue reading

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