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Chiggers and Birds (but not related)

July 31 – Folks suffering from chiggers will sympathize with us. Some people claim that they are immune, but we are definitely NOT. We go around with dozens of red welts, some large, and very irritating. Chiggerex is what we … Continue reading

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Snips and Snails and Raccoon Tails

July 16 – Several weeks ago now we discovered when we got up in the early morning that we had had an intruder locked in our garage overnight. A lot of items on my work bench had been knocked onto … Continue reading

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Rains, Too Much Rains

July 3 – After a dry fall and winter, we wondered if we would ever be able to plant a garden, but finally, when the rains came, they must have chosen to stay awhile, because we had a river or … Continue reading

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Killdeers or Possums?

June 26 – On one of recent Harvesters’ food distribution day, Dale parked the truck in the usual spot. As I started to open the door, I heard a loud cry of a bird that was moving away from the … Continue reading

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See My Valentine?

February 14 – Now this doesn’t happen very often, well, maybe never just the way it happened a few days ago. Dale was at the computer writing to a friend while I was in the big easy chair in front … Continue reading

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Better Weather, Less Precip

January 22 – Weather today is mild and damp with a temperature of around 45-50 degrees. The slippery ice we had has now melted and the roads are safe again, as the weatherman gave us some temps in the low … Continue reading

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Got More Batteries?

January 1 – It may be a new year, but the duties that need to be done still need to be done! That includes burning up all of the papers, cardboard, milk jugs, etc. that we had dumped into a … Continue reading

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A Walk About the Neighborhood

December 31 – This blog will be short, at least much shorter than usual! It has been so cold around here that we haven’t been out walking for a couple weeks! Can you imagine that? Well, I’ll tell you. I … Continue reading

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African Tales – Two Short Bits

December 18 – The following are two short stories from my days in Africa living in the town of Clonsilla. Neither one of which is long enough for a full post. So, we do a mashup… The last of our … Continue reading

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Katydids and Katerpillars

December 7 – A few weeks ago, as we were walking the trails, we stopped at the iris bed where just one plant was trying its best to give a last bit of beauty to the area before winter came … Continue reading

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