We’re Chris and Dale Fairchild – transplanted 90-something Easterners living a retired (if busy) life on 18 country acres in Missouri.

Chris says, “I grew up in western Pennsylvania with five brothers and a sister plus a mom and dad of very German stock. Living through the Great Depression, I developed a habit for thrift and “making it do” that are still part of my character. A school teacher for most of my life, I taught more than 30 years in Erie and Pittsburgh, PA, not to mention several years in what is now the African country of Zimbabwe. And I volunteered at one of the local public elementary schools on a weekly basis for 16 years! My hobbies include stamp collecting, reading, doing word puzzles, going for walks on the local country roads, plus mowing, weeding, and otherwise helping to landscape the Fairchild acreage.”

Dale says, “I spent most of my growing-up years in Africa, the son of missionary parents and teachers. I spent countless hours looking for (and capturing) various African animals including large insects, spiders, scorpions, monkeys, and snakes, including cobras and other less-than-desirable members of the reptile family. Chris and I met in Africa when she came to teach under my father’s supervision, and we were married there in 1955. Probably my biggest hobby is gardening, although I still enjoy animals of all kinds a great deal, including fun times with Dawg (our pet dog, oddly enough) and Cat (yes, that would be correct). I also enjoy reading, and playing the musical saw on occasions.”

Several years after our marriage, we returned to the States, setting up residence in Erie, PA. We lived there for roughly 40 years before moving to Missouri to be closer to our kids Biz and Dave, and grandchildren Robbie, Kevin, Beckie, Rindy, and Chris. We celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary in 2015, so have had a long and wonderful marriage (which has included many, many games of Boggle and Rummi-Kub).

Thanks for dropping by!


5 Responses to About

  1. eyontz says:

    What a wonderful story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gpcox says:

    Pleasure to meet you.


  3. mwitasblog says:

    You have lived a fulfilling life. May you be equally blessed all your life on earth.


  4. Lenita hartline says:

    What a wonderful story! And a blessing to to see youse every Thursday! Lenita!


  5. John Elwood says:

    Chris: do you remember a missionary companion named Marjorie Johnson? She was my aunt, and married Uncle Dudley Inggs at the mission in Lower Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia in 1953. Aunt Marjorie passed away 2010, and Uncle Dudley passed on this summer. I have inherited a large collection of their letters, photos, slides, and documents, and among them are some very nice photos of her missionary years in Africa. There is one of the faculty at the school there, and it matches the one you posted. Also one of her standing next to the sign, “Pas op vir Olifanten.” Fun to see all this.


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