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Carrying the Bench

August 31 – Most of the recent action around our house has taken place in the garden area, but it’s no wonder! This time of year most of our hours are spent picking and canning or keeping the heavy grass … Continue reading

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Brother of the Rally Mantis

August 29 – After some of the recent rains, Dale decided to go out to the barn to get the mower ready, since when the grass dries off, we wanted to work on clearing off the big weeds that have … Continue reading

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Fences Need Mowing, Too

August 27 – A blog about fences! This week I put in a couple hours mowing along the road that runs past our property. Again, I should have done that job much earlier this summer, but either it was raining, … Continue reading

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The Birdies in the Treetops

August 23 – As I check my computer desk, I usually find quite a few notes about items I had planned to write about in the blog, but just never got around to working on them. Usually, I have too … Continue reading

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The End of Tomatoes (Almost)

August 21 – Chris has just gone downstairs to peel and slice and can some of our pears that are ripe. She canned four quarts of them yesterday. We picked the whole crop of them from one tree a few … Continue reading

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The Birds But No Bees, and the Flowers and the Trees

August 18 – Nothing spectacular has happened for the last several days, and you can be sure that we did not have one complaint about that. Sometimes we choose to do extra jobs just because that’s the way we grew … Continue reading

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Hen of the Woods

August 17 – Another mushroom we found this year really grabbed our attention. As we were walking the trails about sundown, just coming out of the woods and into some open area, I looked down and spotted a huge mushroom. … Continue reading

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Please Do Not Eata the Amanita

August 14 – Some days ago, Dale and I were sitting on the tail gate of the truck where we often rest up a bit before going back to the mowing or gardening. As I looked out on the pasture … Continue reading

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Red is the Color of Our Tomatoes (mostly)

August 11 – Another tomato juice canning day is upon us. Early this morning Chris was downstairs with two large containers of cut tomatoes on the stove, heating up to be run through the juicer. Last night she cut up … Continue reading

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Surprise Lilies

August 8 – Several years ago, Dale and I stopped in at a lot of garage sales because we had more time to enjoy such things then than we do now. At one sale, we found a lot of bulbs … Continue reading

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