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A Christmas Jumpback

January 15 – As I was thinking about Christmas the other day, and how our son David and his family (including grandson Christopher and his new wife Shana) came to visit with all of the presents they brought us, I … Continue reading

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Go With God…

January 29 – As those of you who follow our blog may know,  I was only 25 years old when I left my home in Pennsylvania for a long journey to Africa where I would be teaching. My mother wrote … Continue reading

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October Poetry

November 2 – How could anyone step out on the front porch or walk around in the pastures or what’s left of the garden, without bringing to mind the delightful poem October’s Bright Blue Weather by Helen Hunt Jackson? She was … Continue reading

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The Birds and the Beetles

July 4 – Just came in from the front porch where I had been enjoying the coolness of early evening, a real change from the heat all day today. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of weather we are expecting for the entire … Continue reading

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Book Plates. Or is that Books AND Plates?

December 28 – Earlier this month we were trying to find a parking place near Cartridge World where we buy new cartridges for our printer. I went in with Dale as he made the purchase, and then as we had … Continue reading

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A Piece on Poetry

November 15 – Just finished reading a couple e-mails, including one from our son David who is a talented poet! Actually both of our kids grew up enjoying poetry of all kinds, especially the limericks and humorous ones with the … Continue reading

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90 And Counting

June 21 – This is a SHORT guest editorial by Chris and Dale’s son. I think it’s important to recognize that Chris turns 90 years old today! That’s something that not many people get to experience, and just wanted to … Continue reading

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October and June

October 7 – When I was back in grade school so many years ago, I didn’t like the poem about October’s bright blue weather, because of the beginning lines: O suns and skies and clouds of June, And flowers of June … Continue reading

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The Midnight Message of Paul Revere

April 26 – As I was typing this blog, I suddenly thought of a date just about a week ago (April 18) and the related poem The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Longfellow. As I have mentioned before, I … Continue reading

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Leap Day Daffodils

February 29 – Imagine our surprise and pleasure as we were walking along the trails a couple weeks ago and found several tiny daffodil plants sticking out their noses to see if they would be warm enough to grow this … Continue reading

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