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Turkeys, Cardinals, and Bluebirds

April 30 – About a month ago as we drove past a large field where corn once grew, I was looking out the truck window to see if something interesting might be there other than cattle. Since Dale usually doesn’t … Continue reading

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African Tales – 1300 Miles to School

April 29 – I turned twelve during 1942, my first year at Helderberg College near Cape Town in South Africa. Being at school, I was forced to miss lots of fun things that were available back on the mission. HBC … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

April 26 – Ma always had a deep love for flowers. Her big bed of pure white regal lilies was something for any visitor to behold with wonder. The perfume wafted on the soft breezes to every part of the … Continue reading

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Green and Growing Things

April 25 – Just for fun on one of our walks through the woods and along the pasture trails, I decided that I would try to take note of the interesting bushes and trees and little items growing lower down … Continue reading

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Mower in the Mud

April 24 – Seems like I haven’t sat down at the computer to write a few things for the blog in a few days, but time goes so fast “when you’re having fun,” that I guess I just don’t remember. … Continue reading

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Town and country

April 23 – The sun shineth today but the temperature chilleth. Just a bit too cold for me to want to be outside, yet Chris was out there with the push mower, cutting the grass among the fruit trees. If … Continue reading

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A visit from Barney

April 22 – The sun is shining and the dandelions are blooming and the dew has evaporated and the temperature is mild and Chris is going out to do some lawn work, mainly weeding. I am not going out, as … Continue reading

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Barn Photography

April 20 – I haven’t been blogging q-u-i-t-e as much lately; since I’ve had so much to do both inside and outside, I just couldn’t fit in another post. I have been out taking some pictures, though. However, you will … Continue reading

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Dried grass = good mulch

April 19 – We had kind of a busy day on Friday and got up as early so we could. First off I started the washing and worked on other things in between loads–a total of five of them. Cooked … Continue reading

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African Tales – Bush, Bush Baby

April 18 – While we were living at Rusangu, Dad came in one night with a baby bush baby, or African lemur. They are very cute little animals, with large eyes and long hind legs that take them through the … Continue reading

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