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A Tale From the (C)old Days

January 31 – I have never been able to figure out why I don’t want to bother with extra clothes for outside unless I really absolutely have to! Whenever we go out to help with the Harvesters’ distribution on cold … Continue reading

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In Which We Discuss Poison Ivy

January 30 – One of the things we see on I walk that is NOT a pleasant sight is the poison ivy that seems to be spreading out a lot more than it did in the beginning. Even the mention … Continue reading

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Walkin’ and the Walnuts

January 21 – I have been busy trying to get some short blogs written up, and some of these ideas that will take care of the notes I have made for the last couple of months or so! I’ll try … Continue reading

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It’s Right to Write, Right?

January 11 – I have so many ideas I would like to write for this blog, but sometimes, or maybe I should say, often, we are so busy getting things done that we absolutely have to get done, that I … Continue reading

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Happy Trails to Us – Part 2

January 4 – Time to finish up our walk blog from yesterday. So what do we see just ahead of us now? Piles and piles of black walnuts or their shells left behind by squirrels as they rummaged through the … Continue reading

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Happy Trails to Us – Part 1

January 4 – Had a good warm bath after finding out that even 25 degrees is pretty cold when I’m used to temps in the 40’s or higher for a long time now. In fact, though most of the country … Continue reading

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