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A Thanksgiving retrospective

November 30 – How different from the first Thanksgiving is the one we celebrated this year with the folks across the road from us. Celebrating their first harvest way back in 1621, the Pilgrims and their guests were happy to … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving on the horizon

November 26 – We got a nice phone call from our granddaughter Rindy yesterday, wondering what we would be doing for Thanksgiving. She will be coming here on Thursday morning and so we will have Thanksgiving dinner with her over … Continue reading

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African Tales – The Black Mamba

November 25 – (NOTE: no snake picture in this post, as several of our readers are, shall we say, snake-averse. However, this website has some excellent photos, if you are curious) Just about everyone in eastern Africa has heard of … Continue reading

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Shh, Secret Sisters!

November 24 – I started baking cookies about 7:30am Sunday because I wanted to have them ready to take to church that afternoon and had a number of other jobs to take care of. I had made several kinds of … Continue reading

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Baking in the oven

November 23 – We all got some rain last night but no flooding. Buffalo can do that for us I guess. A rather grey morning but mild here, in the low 50’s. Chris is busy in the kitchen, making more … Continue reading

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If it’s Thursday, it must be Townday

November 21 –¬†Yesterday was our once-a-week town day (as most of you loyal readers know), a day to buy groceries, stamps, and all the rest, as well as visiting some of our friends who are not enjoying good health. Always … Continue reading

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Black walnuts

November 20 – One of the jobs we have tackled recently was the cracking and picking out of the nuts in the black walnuts we still have from last year. Those things must really keep well, as the nuts are … Continue reading

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The cat and the clock

November 20 – Have just been sitting around this week, waiting for spring to get here. It appears to be in no hurry. Chris has been downstairs sorting tomatoes again, and will be cooking up some in the kitchen. All … Continue reading

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Soup and soybeans

November 19 – Greetings to you all after a very busy day. Dale just listened to Survivor with the group being in Nicaragua for this season’s weekly programs. Now he is watching a special on PBS about landslides, their causes, … Continue reading

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African Tales – The enemy on the walls

November 19 – Just a few hundred yards from our mission home in Africa was another home, this one occupied by the Hiten family. They had two children, Evadne, about my age, and a younger son, Stevie. About all I … Continue reading

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