All Good Things Come to an End

Post from Dave Fairchild:

April 2 – As you have noticed, the Chris-n-Dale blog has been on a break since last summer due to health issues. That break will now become permanent.

My mom Chris passed away peacefully earlier this month, and my dad will be moving to live with us later this year. So while their partnership will never be truly over, the purpose of this blog to show their lives together on their Missouri farm has now come to an end.

Thank you all for your loyal readership over the hundreds and hundreds of posts that Chris and Dale wrote together. They had an amazing run, and I’m proud to be their son.

God bless!


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5 Responses to All Good Things Come to an End

  1. John Elwood says:

    Thanks for the years of news and updates. My aunt, Marjorie Johnson (Inggs) was a missionary companion to Chris in about 1950 in Rhodesia; she too passed away several years ago. It was special to see the photos and hear the stories of those fascinating days. Aunt Marjorie would show up in pictures from time to time. Thanks to your parents for their lives well lived.


  2. Harvey Reynolds says:

    Amazing run indeed! We’ll all miss the blog, great memories!


  3. schjrh says:

    I hope this is going to Dave Fairchild. I’m wondering if there has been a memorial for your mom already and if it was livestreamed and archived at the church. If so, please let me know how I can access it. I’m so sorry about your mom. It’s been years since I’ve seen your folks. Always enjoyed visits to them in Erie when we lived in Ohio. Glad your dad can live with you. I’m staying in Hendersonville, NC but oldest son Greg visits every 3 months. I’ll drive there later in the summer to visit him, friends in MI and my brother there.

    Sandra Hoover, cousin


  4. Don Barnhart says:

    Dale & Chris were great friends. We will miss them very very much. We would visit with them every Thursday. Prayers to everyone. Don & Ann Barnhart


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