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Fence Repair

July 30 – Anybody using air conditioning in your house lately? Ours has been going on and off, but we are comfortable. Have hardly been outside at all. Looking for some rain this week and some cooler weather. Harvey and … Continue reading

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Bales and Trails

July 27 – We walked two of our trails yesterday afternoon to see how the haying was going. Bob and Harvey cut the last two fields full on Sunday evening, and Kevin baled it all on Monday. Eighteen bales, more … Continue reading

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The Birds and the Squirrels (Plus a Cat)

July 27 – Lots more rain than usual if you can believe that. Lots more weeds of all kinds. Lots more flowers of various shapes and colors. AND lots more animals scooting around! When I was hanging out the wash … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – Uh oh, Accident!

July 26 – Looking back on childhood, I sometimes wonder how we survived… I suppose one of the most ugly-looking messes that Ma had to take care of as far as I was concerned, was my mashed heel.¬†All of us … Continue reading

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Busy day, late night

July 23 – Have finished Rummikub and will now go on to bed. It has been a busy day, as usual. When Patrice (from Doctor Lampe’s office) asked what we did every day, the doctor answered for us. “They work,” … Continue reading

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Floods with no dizziness

July 20 – We were in Lee’s Summit and thereabouts today, visiting our friend Dr. Lampe, the “dizzy” doctor who helped Chris get over her dizziness. We had a nice visit and are safely home. His office secretary is full … Continue reading

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Pulling weeds, cutting weeds, digging weeds

July 19 – Had no problem keeping warm today but it wasn’t as bad as other recent days. We worked on the section of fence along the road, between the bamboo patch and the little creek where we used to … Continue reading

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African Tales – The Honey Badger

July 18 – For a while the mission kept a number of chickens in a pen and coop, and it seemed that their number was diminishing steadily. Something was getting into the pen and eating the chickens, so Dad set … Continue reading

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They’re Black and They’re Snakes…

July 17 – As I was walking out to pick the blackberries the other day, I wasn’t watching the ground very carefully as I checked on the burning pile out by the bamboo. Just in time, I did look down … Continue reading

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Rooster Crowin’ on Sourwood Mountain

July 16 – We have had an interesting visitor here at our house, well, outside at least! I was awakened one recent morning by a very familiar sound of my childhood. “Cock-a-doodle-do”, a very loud crowing, but when the rooster … Continue reading

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