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Leap Day Daffodils

February 29 – Imagine our surprise and pleasure as we were walking along the trails a couple weeks ago and found several tiny daffodil plants sticking out their noses to see if they would be warm enough to grow this … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers – Early!

February 28 – It’s been more than two weeks since I wrote a blog from scratch – our computer was not behaving at all and our son David came up with a new one for us. I think it will … Continue reading

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Ingrown Toenails

February 25 – Just about a year ago, Dale had surgery on an ingrown toenail on his foot. Since the operation has been a success, I thought I’d give you an interesting story on what happened afterwards. So assume the … Continue reading

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Family Walks

February 22 – During walks when our children were small, son David would often rush ahead, carefully lifting each large stone near the water’s edge or protruding out into the water a bit, as he searched for crayfish. These “crabs” … Continue reading

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A New Computer

“There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.” – Ken Olson, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (in 1970) February 21 – Our son Dave came out Thursday evening and installed a new computer and … Continue reading

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We DO Like Spiders and Snakes!

February 19 – “Mamma, I found a spider,” David announced as he rushed into the kitchen where I was baking. “Does it have any babies?” I asked as I rubbed the flour off my hands. “Yes, it has a home … Continue reading

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Remember Summer?

February 15 – As someone who does not enjoy the winter season, I am always glad for things that remind me of summer. And that would include the following blog entry that I forgot to post over a year ago. … Continue reading

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Who I Love Most

February 14 – Do you know who I love the most of all, Mommy ?” I had just tucked our chubby four year-old Betty Jean into bed for her afternoon nap. Expectantly she looked up at me. “Is it Daddy … Continue reading

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February 11 – (continued from yesterday) Planet mission accomplished outside, I turned around and walked back home. Ducking under the partially-open garage door, it didn’t take long for me to toss off my hat and mittens onto a shelf, and … Continue reading

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In Which We Look For Planets

February 10 – (written early in the AM) Just came in from a pretty chilly outdoors, and I’m glad to be warmer than I was for about half an hour earlier! Dale is still sleeping, and Cat is enjoying a … Continue reading

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