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Yard Work and Mushrooms

September 28 – Early this morning we were out at the chestnut tree, looking for burrs that were starting to split, and picking them or dragging them down from higher branches with the fork on a long pole. We need … Continue reading

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“Old Age” Flu Shot

September 26 – When Dale’s RA doctor moved several miles away from the hospital where Dale always went to see him and to have his medication checked , we decided to find another doctor. After the new one had checked … Continue reading

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O Thou Thieving Squirrel – Part 2

September 24 – Last week when we could see the big burrs still containing the chestnuts, we had no idea that we were losing so many. We didn’t even know that the squirrels were at work again! These days we … Continue reading

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O Thou Thieving Squirrel!

September 23 – You may remember the stories I have written about the squirrels that make an easy living off the Fairchilds out in the country. For a quick check-up, I’ll remind you of the cute and smart little animals who … Continue reading

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Who You Callin’ a Turkey?

September 20 – On our way to town the other day just up the road a bit from our house, I remarked to Dale, “Well shucks! I forgot my camera, and you just wait, I’ll wish I. . .” Right … Continue reading

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A Fat Cat Sat on the Mat

September 17 – Our “Fat Cat” seems to be gaining pounds again. Of course, she never has to “work” for her meals and does sleep most of the day, unless we are outside working. Then she follows us as we … Continue reading

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Pulling up the Grapes

September 14 – It was good to have our son Dave with us yesterday to help with some yard work and reinstalling some of our gutter guards that had blown off. We removed the row of grape vines and posts, … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – a Busted Seat

September 13 – One winter day we were sliding down the hillside on the new sleds we had gotten for Christmas. At the time of the accident we were playing airplane with one sled balanced crosswise on top of another … Continue reading

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African Tales – The Monkey and the Ants

September 12 – At Solusi, we kept our pet monkey outside, with one end of her line attached to a large tree that she slept in at night. My sister Jean had a white cat with two white kittens, and … Continue reading

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Washing, Mowing, and a Great Horned Owl

September 11 – Despite the occasional fall or bloody finger, we try to be careful around our acres, and so far seem to have succeeded as we are still able to pick the tomatoes and mow lawns! Chris was out … Continue reading

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