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From My Childhood – the Lawn Swing Incident

June 29 – One day I was playing in our heavy lawn swing, swinging back and forth as fast as I could go, pumping with all of my strength as I stood on the floor part, disdaining the seats. Way … Continue reading

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Weathering the Storm

June 26 – We had quite a storm last night, after we were all in bed, with lots of lightning and wind. There was also a storm earlier in the evening, and a large maple limb crashed down right again … Continue reading

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Flower and Garden

June 25 – As I was walking across the lawn from the garden this morning to get some ice cold water from the fridge, I reached the big elm tree by the driveway, just in time to see something fall … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – the Chicken Lady

June 24 – Ma always had a big garden. With Pa’s help she planted it, and we kids had to do our share too. When the harvesting time came, Ma was the one who had to do the selling, although … Continue reading

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Town Day – Part 2

June 23 – Hugs and smiles were the order of the day at Price Chopper where we were royally welcomed by our friends who work there. Robbie had enjoyed seeing one of our recent blogs with his picture in it, but … Continue reading

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Town Day – Part 1

June 22 – Both Dale and I look forward to our “town day” on Thursday. Yes, we do our shopping in several places, but seeing our friends and visiting with them is the best part of the day. We check … Continue reading

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Of Father’s Day and Birthdays

June 21 – Today on Father’s Day, I’ve been thinking of my dad who was born on June 16, 1892. Had he lived as so many of the folks in the Bible, he would have celebrated birthday number 123 last … Continue reading

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Mowing and eating and cicadas

June 19 – No rain today, so they are saying. Was dry yesterday too, until a light rain fell late in the evening. We got a lot of mowing done in the afternoon after we got home from Pleasant Hill … Continue reading

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The Natural Zoo – Part III

NOTE: if you don’t like snakes, you probably don’t want to read to the end of this post! June 19 – The other day when I was zooming along the pasture paths on the riding mower, a bunny leaped from … Continue reading

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African Tales – Meeting Mr. Python

June 18 – Back in the day, Solusi Mission got most of its water from a dam about a mile away. Mission homes got some water in large galvanized tanks from roof drainage, and there was also a well on … Continue reading

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