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Fall is starting to feel like winter

October 31 – I spent almost an hour walking around the pasture, the garden, and the trails this week taking photos to remind me of this fall season. In one pasture there are three beautifully-shaped juniper trees. When we first … Continue reading

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Pears, Paint, and Potatoes

October 31 – Been a bit chilly this week, though sunny, and also breezy. We hear there is going to be a freeze in a day or two, so will need to pick our last tomatoes before then. They will … Continue reading

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African Tales – Froggy, Froggy Do

October 30 – Sitting at the edge of the pool was a frog. A huge frog. An African bullfrog. It was just a new and temporary pool, formed as the result of recent rains and far from other pools, and … Continue reading

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The Foggy, Foggy Dew

October 30 – When we woke up the other day, I looked out the window to see what kind of day we would have. Day? What day? We couldn’t even see past the apricot tree just outside the house! Fog, … Continue reading

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Painted roofs and artichokes

October 28 – While we were cutting down all of the Jerusalem artichokes today, a truck drove into our yard and a man came over to talk. He was one of those fellows who drive around offering to paint barn … Continue reading

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A walk-and-bull story

October 28 – A story from the archives… Just after we had moved here from Pennsylvania, we had no garden or church duties or anything else to keep us from doing some exploring around the area, and since we had … Continue reading

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Signs of fall, waymarks of winter

October 27 – If the wind hadn’t been blowing so hard today, I might just have thought it was summer, at least as far as temperatures go. We just missed the all-time record by about five degrees, as our thermometer … Continue reading

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Bits of this and that

October 27 – Not as nice a day weather-wise as we had yesterday but still passable and not too cool. Chris is out mowing and cutting down the grass under the barbed wire fence between us and our neighbors on … Continue reading

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Bob + Janice = 60 years

October 25 – This post will be a bit different as it recognizes Bobby and Janice, our good neighbors across the street. They recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and I wanted to recognize this great accomplishment. Sixty years of joy and … Continue reading

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October’s weather smiles once again

October 24 – Hung up at least three big loads of laundry outside today in this beautiful weather. Cut up and cooked that bucket of no-name mushrooms we found over by the pond. Dale has been trying bits of them … Continue reading

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