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African Adventures, Part 3

April 29 – Swarms of locusts were fairly common where we lived and I remember running out on the mission campus and swatting at the locusts that flew past. The farmers were out swatting at them with branches to encourage … Continue reading

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Winter, With a Distraction of Pears

February 21 – How really fast time skips on these days! When I get up in the morning, I plan on doing a lot of jobs all through the day, but I don’t always do them all! I fact, as … Continue reading

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Winter Weather. Why?

December 25 – Another chilly morning is here, and in my option, the worst time of year is approaching weatherwise. We’ve had some frosts and in the region even a few snow flakes. I hate to think of snow lying … Continue reading

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Bridge over Troubled Molars

November 30 – Almost twenty years ago when we still lived in Pennsylvania, I had my first bridge put in, and the dentist did such a good job, that I agreed to have him put in the second, one on … Continue reading

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Just ‘fore Winter, I’m as Busy as Can Be

November 28 – More and more of our yard has now put on it’s winter garb, which I suppose is appropriate as it is almost December. Over the last couple of weeks, I have finished up a similar number of … Continue reading

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Chestnuts and Stuff

November 9 – For a week or so, we had a big box in the garage that was just filled with chestnuts. These tasty nuts are both good for you to eat AND enjoy. I hadn’t planned on freezing any … Continue reading

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Fall Jobs

October 24 – The end of the growing season has just about arrived, with rain and cooler weather. The other day, Chris wanted to use the hand mower, so I got it out of the barn and she started it … Continue reading

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In Which Richard Comes to Harvesters

October 17 – Probably most of you have become acquainted via our blog with the work of Harvesters in this area. This group works so hard to see that those who don’t have much food in their pantries or fridge, … Continue reading

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Separate Us From Our Money?

September 19 – Recently had an interesting conversation that turned into a recitation about the times callers would come up with their plan to “rip you off,” as friends used to say. One of the three of us present would … Continue reading

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Good Health

September 12 – Yasmine, a lovely young lady from Coventry insurance stopped in the other day to check on the condition of my health. Her infectious smile put me at ease right away. Her first questions had to do with … Continue reading

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