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Harvesters, Part Two

October 31 – Two weeks ago you got part 1 of Richard Comes to Harvesters. At last, here’s the conclusion! As I have mentioned before, the line of cars waiting for the folks to be served, generally stretches way up … Continue reading

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Pastor Suarez, Farewell

October 27 – Last weekend was both a very sad time, and a very happy time. That sounds like I don’t know much about anything, but there’s a reason for those two adjectives: sad and happy. Years ago, while giving … Continue reading

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Fall Jobs

October 24 – The end of the growing season has just about arrived, with rain and cooler weather. The other day, Chris wanted to use the hand mower, so I got it out of the barn and she started it … Continue reading

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In Which Richard Comes to Harvesters

October 17 – Probably most of you have become acquainted via our blog with the work of Harvesters in this area. This group works so hard to see that those who don’t have much food in their pantries or fridge, … Continue reading

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Old Books, Old Letters

October 12 – As my mom used to say when we were kids many years ago, “I’ve been so busy today that you’d have a hard time following me around!” Way back then I couldn’t understand what she was talking … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Harvey, Irma, and Maria

October 9 – As I sit here in the comfort of our home this evening, I am reminded again how blessed we are and how thankful we should be to know that we have nothing of the sad days that … Continue reading

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Some Early History – Part 2

October 3 – At one mission station, there was a famine and the missionaries had to find food for the students, so they sent out to the nearby villages and bought bags of dried locusts. The missionary men also went … Continue reading

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