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Squirrels? Check. Birds? Check. Tomatoes? Check.

July 31 – How good it is to live out in the country where the crops grow well (with exceptions like not enough rain. I think we are about ten inches behind the usual amount already, with many more dry … Continue reading

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The Impossumbile Possum

July 28 – Earlier this summer our son David came out on Friday evening for a visit while his wife, Darlene, was in Branson visiting their daughter Beckie for the week-end. After doing a few alterations and improvements on our … Continue reading

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Insectoids On the Loose

July 22 – The other day when we were ready to come in to eat supper, Dale went out to the garage and found that he couldn’t close the door by pressing on the button on the wall. After several … Continue reading

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David, Weeder-of-Tomatoes

July 15 – Since I had lots of work to do in the garden last Sunday, I was up early, had breakfast, and was just waiting to go out to start, the phone rang. Guess who? David said he would … Continue reading

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The Birds and the Beetles

July 4 – Just came in from the front porch where I had been enjoying the coolness of early evening, a real change from the heat all day today. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of weather we are expecting for the entire … Continue reading

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