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All Good Things Come to an End

Post from Dave Fairchild: April 2 – As you have noticed, the Chris-n-Dale blog has been on a break since last summer due to health issues. That break will now become permanent. My mom Chris passed away peacefully earlier this … Continue reading

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A Visit From Dave

July 8 – Our son Dave came over last night as he does on most Tuesdays, and brought two big containers of delicious homemade potatoes and roast that his wife Darlene had made for us. We both had some for … Continue reading

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32 Days on Board

June 15 – It was 68 years ago that I reached Cape Town, South Africa, after being aboard the African Crescent out of New York for 32 days. At last I was in Africa, something I had dreamed about for … Continue reading

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A Snowy, Blowy Memory

May 25 – Here’s a memory from the late fall of 1956… As the train rattled along towards Erie, my husband Dale stared gloomily out the window. “I’ve never seen so much snow in my life!” he muttered. “Those drift … Continue reading

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May I Conduct You?

May 11 – This blog will be short, but I was reminded the other day of a humorous incident from my early twenties and I thought I’d share it with you. Back in 1947, I was chosen, along with three … Continue reading

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Some School Memories

April 30 – Cherished memories! About 6 zillion or so, but I will just mention two. Way back when I was teaching in first grade, a cute little freckle-faced, red-haired girl, Jessica, came bounding into the classroom with joy and … Continue reading

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A Short Update

April 19 – No real point in discussing all that is going around these days so I decided to post a short blog just to show how life is full of good from all kinds of people right here in … Continue reading

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A Short Break

April 5 – This blogpost is not from Chris or Dale, but from their son-and-editor, Dave. I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of posts from this account over the past couple of weeks! Well don’t worry, my folks are still … Continue reading

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Politics and Groceries

March 12 – Hi, remember me? Among other things, I have been so busy here and there that I haven’t had much time for blog writing. I can hardly imagine that I wrote so many blogs during the first two … Continue reading

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Recent Doings

February 26 – Sure wished I could stay in bed for a long time the other day, but no chance with Harvesters being on the schedule. We left early to get to the church by nine. Quite a good crowd … Continue reading

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