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They Make Harvesters Happen

November 3 – Every month we are blessed to have a small group of kids come to help with the job of Harvesters. They really enjoy it, knowing that they are making others happy. I always chuckle at the vim … Continue reading

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October Harvesters

October 30 – Yes, I know that I have written about Harvesters several times, but I continue to be amazed that everything goes right along as it should with a group who take part in the program every month along … Continue reading

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Christopher and Shana

October 20 – I have watched my youngest grandchild, Christopher, grow up from the early days when Dale and I could snuggle him close or play peek-a-boo, just having fun on both sides. Christopher would lie on the floor while … Continue reading

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Adult Learning Center

October 9 – Back when Dale and I still lived in Erie, PA, I used my skills as a teacher to volunteer as a tutor at the Adult Learning Center. The following blog post is about one of the people … Continue reading

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Llama Pajamas

September 29 – Our latest animal visitors from next door have been visiting us lately – a pair of llamas! They seem to like it here and have been over here a lot. They have been wandering around out back … Continue reading

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Ma and The Sick Kids

  September 22 – With seven children, Ma spent a good share of her time being nurse, doctor and entertainer of sick or injured children. By the time all of us were grown up she had had enough experience to … Continue reading

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Postlude to Peacocks

September 8 – (see previous post for the first part of this story) Once the surviving bird had the world all to himself, he must have decided he could live anywhere he chose, since there wasn’t another peacock in the … Continue reading

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Prelude to Peacocks

August 20 – As soon as some of the folks see what I am writing about, our peacocks, I hope you won’t say, How many more times is this woman going to write about those birds?” But I know for … Continue reading

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Harvesters (Dale edition)

August 11 – We recently posted Chris’ version of our most recent Harvesters. Here’s the Dale version… On the second Wednesday of every month the Harvesters food truck comes to the Kingsville Seventh-day Adventist church with all kinds of foods … Continue reading

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Harvesters (Chris edition)

August 6 – Somehow or other I have a reputation of praying that all will go well when the group of volunteers comes to the site for Harvesters each month. Just about every time, the Lord does honor our prayers, … Continue reading

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