May I Conduct You?

May 11 – This blog will be short, but I was reminded the other day of a humorous incident from my early twenties and I thought I’d share it with you.


Adventist Youth Conference

Back in 1947, I was chosen, along with three other college kids, to meet in San Francisco for a World Youth Conference. My brother was not the happiest young man in the world when he agreed to drive me to Buffalo NY, about 90 miles from our home in Erie, especially when the train would pull into Buffalo at 1:02 am and depart for San Francisco at 2:02 am!

On the trip back to Erie from the conference, I had a chance to talk to the conductor and as I have always believed in “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” I got up the courage to explain my problem. That train did not stop in Erie, so I would end up back in Buffalo where my brother would have to meet me!


Erie Railroad

I was amazed when the friendly conductor came up with a plan. “Tell you what,” he said. “When we come to the Cleveland area, get all of your things packed up in such a way that you can handle them, and I’ll very briefly stop the train, and let you out near your home. I know that area well, so it won’t be a problem. You’ll just have to be quick. I’ll jump off with that heavy suitcase, and you hop off with the rest.” And he did exactly that!

Back in the train, the conductor waved till I couldn’t see him or the train in the distance. So many people would like to help others if they only knew of the problem. So be one of those people! – CHRIS

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