Christopher and Shana


Dale (mid-1930s) and Christopher (late 1990s)

October 20 – I have watched my youngest grandchild, Christopher, grow up from the early days when Dale and I could snuggle him close or play peek-a-boo, just having fun on both sides. Christopher would lie on the floor while we called his name and tickled him just to enjoy the fact that we had a new grandson who was happy for the attention. His two sisters were really happy and proud to let others know that Christopher was their brother.

But who was the most proud to claim him as a grandson and why? I have never gotten over the fact that Christopher was named after me and that I hoped that he would keep us proud of him as he grew from a baby right on to today when he is down in Tennessee finishing up his last schooling and work with the group until he can move into the full time work of anesthesiologist.

Just the other day I told him that it would be great if I ever needed the service that he can give, if he were the one who would do the job! But I am not asking for his care. Just hope that I will never need an anesthesiologist.


Reading = Education

Just sitting here thinking of interesting items about Christopher. Home schooled for the first years of his education, his mother Darlene taught him and his sisters. What a great start they had!

Throughout his high school years, he worked to continue to be a good example to others, and ended up with more awards. After graduation, he worked hard to do his best in years before going to Tennessee to study and work to become what he had chosen to do in life.

As he received the checks we sent him for his birthday, the phone rang with a special thank you. As I think of that right now, I can remember how polite he always was and can hear his “Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!”

Recently a very special save-the-date announcement came to us in the mail and then we also had an invitation to the shower that would be held in the Chapel Oaks church. When Christopher heard that his dad (our son Dave), was planning on driving out the 50 miles to our home to pick us up and go back to the church for the shower and then back to our home and then go back to HIS home again, he had an idea. “Why don’t Shayna and I just come to your house and enjoy a get-acquainted time?” So we didn’t need to have sharing time at the shower; we had those two “kids” all to ourselves for several hours.


Chris and Shana

When they got out of the car I took one quick look at a beautiful young lady, knowing that she was engaged to Christopher and would be married in another month or so. Her smile was delightful and made me stretch out my arms to her a second time!

Poor Christopher had to wait his turn to get his big hug. As I looked up to him, I asked, “When did you grow so tall? I knew you would be taller but not that tall!” I didn’t expect his answer, but I chuckle over it even today. “Grandma, I’m not much taller, but you are a little shorter than you used to be.”

Such an enjoyable time as we had with no problem talking about anything and everything. Shana checked out some of the many photo albums that showed our life together in Africa before we returned to the States. She told us about her work in Southern University; after their marriage she and Christopher will live in a home there. How he is looking forward to graduation and a job!

Another one of the things that they enjoyed looking through was a suitcase of several snakeskins; one of them, the rock python, is over 15 feet long. A spitting cobra skin brought back memories of one day when Dale saw one of these snakes disappearing into a hole in the wall. I really worked trying to get some sticks for Dale to use, but they were so dry or termite-eaten they fell apart. What did Dale do? He pulled out the snake and swung it around his head to prevent its spitting venom on him until he could kill it. They also looked at four wooden blocks which the witch doctor in the area tossed down on the ground and claimed to be able to tell the future.


Four on a motorbike

Shana checked the photos of Dale and me as we told her we had no other transportation, other than a motorcycle. We told her a couple stories about the rides. Our dog Blitz always rode along with us sitting right behind Dale and pushing me backwards so he would have plenty of room as we rode the trails.

However, those rides came to a stop when our friend Heather was riding with us. No room behind me, so Blitz rode on the front of the cycle. Just as we started our ride, a herd of cows was moving towards us and the dog wanted to chase them away. Off the cycle he flew and landed spread eagle. Never again did he ride on the cycle!

Christopher and Shana are once again back at school and work, hoping the days will speed quickly by, till the day both repeat, “I do!” It’s less than a month to go! – CHRIS

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