Harvesters and Pumpkin Cabbage

Another day at Harvesters

Another day at Harvesters

November 1 – We really do enjoy our volunteer time at Harvesters every month. This last truckload of food consisted of potatoes, sweet potatoes, HUGE carrots, onions, apples, creamy peach yogurt, cashew milk, eggs, extra large bright red tomatoes, salad fixings, and other items that I can’t remember.

How thankful the folks are to receive some food to add to their meals, but it’s just as important for us to be friendly and caring, showing that we do love them. Sometimes a smile or a pat on the arm (pretty hard to give a real hug when I’m standing outside and the other person is in the driver’s seat) can mean a lot to one of these folks who might be having problems of one kind or another.

One flopped-out cat

One flopped-out cat

We have been giving our cat the chance for a lot of exercise lately, and have been surprised that she keeps going, albeit, not exactly at the same pace as we do, but always within sight. We encourage her by frequently calling, “Here, Kitty! C’mon Petunia, (why Petunia, I don’t know; just popped into my head one day), c’mon!” She is such a chunky cat that her legs seem to be shorter than they really are, and that’s pretty short. Looks as if her undercarriage hits bottom as she keeps on going, uphill and down. She walked just about a mile the other day, following us right from start to finish! But she didn’t even wait to get inside the house to plop down. No, as soon as she saw the garage, she zipped over to the driveway and plopped down in the leaves. No more chasing around from her for a good while!

Even cabbages are

Even cabbages are “pumpkin spiced” these days!

Pumpkins are everywhere these days as Halloween will soon be here. Huge displays at all kinds of stores make me wonder how many will be left over once they are no longer part of fall decorations. As we walked into one of our grocery stores the other day, I was checking out the big displays against the front wall. What caught my eye? Huge pumpkins, yes, but even more so, three huge boxes of this beautiful orange fruit. The big label on two said, “PUMPKINS,” but the third proudly proclaimed, ‘CABBAGE!”

Interesting story about a clerk at our local bank. Whenever Dale stops for a transaction, he hands the lady a roll of quarters, and she exchanges it for another, so I can go through it and maybe find one I don’t have in my collection. When he went in last week, the lady came to the window and immediately said, “When a roll of quarters came in last week, I noticed that it was taped up on one end and looked as if there were too many quarters in the roll. When I counted it, I found there were ten extras. They must be yours!” Dale remembered wondering why that particular roll was taped and seemed to be too large, but he didn’t say anything when he exchanged it for another. Now that clerk should be commended, I think, for taking care of my mistake, and remembering who might have turned it in! – CHRIS

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