Books in the Attic (Not Toys)

What goes up, must come down

What goes up, must come down

November 2 – Well, finally, the top of the chest freezer in the garage is clear—no more tomatoes ripening in trays, no more boxes of books that I want to keep, but up in the attic, since we don’t have room in our more than ten bookcases in various rooms in the house. A bit of a problem moving them up the stairs, since it is not a regular staircase, but a “pull-down.”

First, I backed our car onto the driveway, then Dale shut the big door, and when all below was empty, he pulled on the rope that opens up the three-part stairway, to bring it down. After pressing on the hinges to make sure the stairs were settled in, I climbed up that very narrow staircase, facing the stairs. Just before reaching the attic floor, I turned around and switched on the light. Looking around, I found boxes and boxes and boxes of all kinds of books, mostly older ones, that I just couldn’t throw away.

“Any empty boxes up there?” Dale called out. “I can’t send these big boxes up to you as they’re too heavy. I have to take out some of the books and put them in another box.” I tossed a number of empty ones down to him, and soon he was climbing the ladder, box in one hand, and hanging onto the stair railing with the other. Even though I reached down for the box as far as I could, he still had to climb almost to the top of the stairs.

A view from the top

A view from the top

After sending up about six half-filled boxes, his job was done, while mine wasn’t! I had to make sure that the boxes were full, so they would not take up more space than needed. That attic, with all of its books, old letters, decorations, globes, and other keepsakes from years back, is getting full! OK, my job was done, so I started down the stairs, but this time, I faced the front, so I could easily hang onto the metal sides of the ladder, and see where I was going! Just really wouldn’t appreciate falling down to the cement floor!

Nice to get that job over these days of autumn before the ice cold finds its way up to the attic, and I need a jacket to keep warm! – CHRIS

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