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Happy Trails to Us – Part 1

January 4 – Had a good warm bath after finding out that even 25 degrees is pretty cold when I’m used to temps in the 40’s or higher for a long time now. In fact, though most of the country … Continue reading

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All Quiet Along the Country Road

September 14 – Enjoyed some time out on the front porch where I so much enjoyed just being quiet, putting things in perspective at the twilight of another day, and taking time to remember the many blessings that we have … Continue reading

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Good Health

September 12 – Yasmine, a lovely young lady from Coventry insurance stopped in the other day to check on the condition of my health. Her infectious smile put me at ease right away. Her first questions had to do with … Continue reading

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Chiggers and Birds (but not related)

July 31 – Folks suffering from chiggers will sympathize with us. Some people claim that they are immune, but we are definitely NOT. We go around with dozens of red welts, some large, and very irritating. Chiggerex is what we … Continue reading

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July 18 – On our way to church a couple of days ago I noticed a white-flowered chicory plant beside the road. Everybody knows that chicory is blue, so a white version is quite unusual. On the way home after … Continue reading

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Remembering Mother’s Day

May 22 – Thinking back on last week’s Mother’s Day, this one being number sixty. It’s not hard for me to think back on all of the very special days in May when I was so fortunate to have not … Continue reading

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No, It Wasn’t Mickey

March 21 – So – reporting an interesting little incident that occurred in our kitchen recently. Chris was cleaning up around our toaster on the kitchen sink extension, and was wondering what all the little black items were. I suggested … Continue reading

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Colors in the Woods

November 9 – Since we had heard it might rain, we decided to take our almost-daily walk along our trails that form the boundary of our property. Just as we had walked about 30 feet, Dale said, “I think it’s … Continue reading

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Garden on My Mind (and Hands)

October 21 -Sometimes when Dale and I are near each other in the garden, each doing our part of the work, we don’t even talk much! It’s just great being together day by day. The conversations we do have are usually … Continue reading

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Cat’s in the bushes and she can’t see me

July 10 – It’s been well over ninety so far for several weeks or more, and we feel that if we are able to get the work done outside before the temperature is really high, we had better get out … Continue reading

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