October Nears the End

One of Dale's agave cactus in bloom

One of Dale’s agave cactus in bloom

October 30 – Dale has brought in all of his plants from the front porch, and they enjoy the warmth of the living room as they sit in their containers on the plant table. He is so meticulous when it comes to those plants, well, actually, anything to do with plants in the house or those in the garden. He knows just how much water to give to each one and never lets any kind of disease take over. Those stinky stapelia plants that I have mentioned before are still blooming by the window, and several of the cacti are raising young ones to carry on the tradition.

I picked out a real job a couple days ago. Since one of the big storage closets with lots of shelves hadn’t been cleaned out in awhile—that is NOT a summer job, but has to be done when summer work is ended – so I decided it was time. Off the shelves came notebooks and scrapbooks, photo albums, and piles of letters I wanted to keep.

Logs ready for a winter fire

Logs ready for a winter fire

After taking one good look at the mass of material, I brought up two huge plastic storage tubs from the basement and carefully piled all of the “stuff” into or on top of them. I will tackle that job when it’s too cold to enjoy being outside. Yes, that will be one of my winter jobs when our cozy home, with its fireplace giving out warmth, makes a job like that enjoyable.

Our friendly (?) muskrat family is still here, scooting around in the pond waters, and coming up now and again just to show off. They move so quickly, leaving rippling circles as they swim. If they ever decide to move to another location, Dale will have to bring in many cartloads of dirt to fill in the holes and tunnels. Right now, the pond is way down from normal, with a lot of dark soil all around the edges.

World Series Game 2

World Series Game 2  between Royals & Mets (picture taken by granddaughter Beckie)

There was a bit of rain on Tuesday, even into the evening when the Kansas City Royals played the NY Mets for the first game of the World Series. We needed it; the team doesn’t, so I’m glad they got the game in! I really don’t care about those games, as my team has always been the Cleveland Indians, but I try to be loyal to the Kansas City area teams if they are not playing the Indians in baseball or the Pittsburgh Steelers in football.

Sure was disappointed to watch the Chiefs run over the Steelers—especially since the Chiefs had won only one game so far this season till this weekend! Being from Pennsylvania and having taught for three years in Pittsburgh before going off to Africa, I have always rooted for the Steelers who are now 4-3, while the Chiefs are 2-5. – CHRIS

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