African Tales – Bush, Bush Baby

Bush Baby

Bush Baby

April 18 – While we were living at Rusangu, Dad came in one night with a baby bush baby, or African lemur. They are very cute little animals, with large eyes and long hind legs that take them through the treetops in tremendous leaps. They are nocturnal and hunt down their insect food in the trees that they live in. I don’t remember how Dad caught this bush baby, but it was soon a tame little pet that loved the bugs we caught it.

Bush babies have the rather unpleasant habit of urinating on their palms, to give them better traction in the trees as they bound about, but other than that they make the cutest pets. We lost ours one night when we locked him in the bathroom so he could get exercise during the night. There was a slop bucket in the bathroom where we poured our wash water after using it (since we had no indoor plumbing), and sadly our little pet fell into that bucket that night, and drowned. – DALE

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