Grass, weeds, and asparagus

Yes, the grass needed to be  mowed

Yes, the grass needed to be mowed

April 17 – I wonder how many times I have said to Dale recently, “Just think of all of the things we could be doing outside if it would ever clear up!” After spending about four hours mowing this week, we were not at all finished with the job. Dale, using the push mower, cut off the grass under all of our 18 fruit and nut trees and 17 flowering trees and bushes so that I could zoom off with the riding mower and clean up the area in a hurry.

However, the lawn wasn’t completely dry so the grass continued to stick together until it blocked the mower, and stalled it. Of course, I could tell by the strange sounds coming from underneath, that the blockage was taking place, but always the optimist, I was hoping that big blobs would shoot out as I continued mowing. After the third time of stalling and cleaning, I decided to take a big black rubber band cut from an inner tube, and hitch it onto the black flap that keeps stones and sticks from shooting out. Good idea, because I no longer had to turn off the machine and dig out the layers of wet grass that had found a home under the deck. Of course, Dale had the harder job, but I couldn’t convince him to trade places with me for awhile.

Bamboos shoots - anybody got a hungry panda?

Bamboos shoots – anybody got a hungry panda?

In the old bamboo patch, the new canes are already a foot high, and there are several hundred of them! At the edge of the lawn I tried cutting some off, making sure that I didn’t let the blade make contact with the hard remainders of the canes I cut earlier in the year. Probably over-concerned, but I was afraid that cutting might ruin the mower blades. The hand mower worked, but not very well, so Dale is planning to to use the weed eater when the weather is right. Hope he doesn’t have to try the chain saw!

Asparagus - before and after

Asparagus – before and after

Sure was glad to have the chance to mow off all of the purple henbit and dandelions which covered about every inch of the garden space between the artichokes and sunflowers. Nice to clean up around the big patches of day lilies, too. Finally, I could mow the first part of the paths around the pasture, but still have three more to go.

Just before we came in for the day, I tried to do a little weeding in the strawberry patch. Great! The weeds that just about covered the plants were the kind that I could pull out with one try! Mostly henbit and chickweed that soon were all gone from the first row of berries. Dale picked the asparagus, too; our first of the season.

Well, who knows? We are supposed to have a sunny day today, so will get more mowing and weeding and hoeing done before the rains come back. It really has been pretty hard trying to decide what we will do when we get up! The weatherman aren’t always accurate. – CHRIS

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