Harvesters (Dale edition)

August 11 – We recently posted Chris’ version of our most recent Harvesters. Here’s the Dale version…

On the second Wednesday of every month the Harvesters food truck comes to the Kingsville Seventh-day Adventist church with all kinds of foods to be handed out to a long line of vehicles lined up around the church.


Dark clouds coming

Church members volunteer to give out the food, each volunteer handling one of the piles of edibles as a vehicle draws up alongside. Every vehicle has a card under the windshield wiper, saying how many families are represented, anywhere from one to even a few fives or sixes.

At our visit last month, many pallets and cartons of foods were unloaded from the Harvesters truck, which then drove away, leaving the volunteers to open the cartons and be prepared to hand out the items.

The day started out okay but then dark clouds began gathering on the horizon and we were urged to hurry before the storm arrived! However, it arrived before the handouts were done, with a mighty wind that just about knocked folks down and made us totter and stagger from car to car. Empty cartons went sailing off into the distance, and caps were blown away and the empty plastic bags used to enclose loose items disappeared.


Passing out food in the rain

Then came some rather light rain which the volunteers withstood until they realized that the drops were now stinging! It was small hail. Everyone then fled into the adjacent rooms and we all just waited and waited, while the few vehicles remaining had to stand in line. One of the volunteer ladies laughed and said she had never before seen so much wet hair standing on end.

Finally the storm subsided and folks began cleaning up and taking the leftovers to their vehicles. Empty pallets were gathered together to be picked up in August when the Harvesters truck returns. I don’t know where all the empty cartons went! As we drove away we saw a cap lying by the roadside, and Chris went back to the small group still remaining, and found that the cap belonged to one of the men who hadn’t even missed it yet. And so ended one of the most unusual and exciting Harvesters events the church folk had ever experienced. – DALE

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