Harvesters (Chris edition)

August 6 – Somehow or other I have a reputation of praying that all will go well when the group of volunteers comes to the site for Harvesters each month. Just about every time, the Lord does honor our prayers, with the rain staying away for the day or afternoon when our task is completed. But it wasn’t quite that way during the July episode!


Before the rains

With our eyes on the approaching black clouds, we worked as quickly as we could. I usually spend a few minutes talking with those in the line as they move forward, but this time I didn’t talk very long. While we were waiting to pass out the food, a nice guy got out of the car, walked across the driveway, and handed me a beautiful pen! I have the first three in a special place on the kitchen counter so I will be reminded of his kindness. Next, the first in line, an always friendly lady got out of her car to tell me that she no longer has cancer, but after giving her a hug, I had to move on to the next in line.


A familiar truck for us

Once that first car moved on, we didn’t have time to greet each one of the folks as usual, as we didn’t want to be soaked to the skin! As we continued, the very black clouds moved around in another direction, the very strong winds blew everything in their path. I even had a hard time trying to stand up, but caught myself just in time so that I didn’t fall.

Finally the clouds moved around in another part of the sky. No doubt now that it was raining, and finally when the hail began to fall, we were called to hurry into the big dry room, safe from the storm. By that time some of the women were joking with each other as to which one was more soaked to the skin. Actually it was pretty easy to give the answer because the lady herself tried to cover her head and hair saying that she was careful to take care of her hair before she started off to help out this morning. “You’re OK,” she said. “Your hair is curly and right now it is trying to decide which way it will go!”


Boy, did it rain!

Even with the rain, all kinds of food were handed out to the folks as they drove by. Cartons of half & half and quarts of the same helped to fill the cars along with orange juice, cabbage, all kinds of yogurt, Fritos, Swiss cheese, small red potatoes, watermelon, milk, several kinds of fruit, and other foods I couldn’t remember.

However, I won’t soon forget what we heard on the TV that evening. Hamburger buns, of the same kind we had, were recalled by the company because they had sharp bits of plastic in the carton! We’re hoping that none of ours were part of that recall.

When it was time to leave for home, I was really cold with a soaked shirt, and glad to be in our little truck with the heater running full blast. At home we packed up the foods that we would be taking to a neighbor family. Those folks are always so happy and thankful!

So now it’s the end of this story and the blog. Try to do what you can to help people as you can, and let them know of your love! – CHRIS

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