Prelude to Peacocks

August 20 – As soon as some of the folks see what I am writing about, our peacocks, I hope you won’t say, How many more times is this woman going to write about those birds?” But I know for sure that some of the readers look forward to hearing more about them. One of our readers mentioned just a couple days ago that he is really enjoying still another account of what’s going on in Peacock Alley and told me that it was time to hear another story.


A pair-o-peacocks

Just in case you have been reading recently about just ONE peacock? I want you to know that we started out with two, but neither one was ours. Joe, our neighbor up the road, had purchased those birds a couple years ago, at an auction, if I remember correctly.

Our only contact with those birds merely told us through their loud noises and voices that the man up the road still had them. Since they were not cooped up, they could wander as they wished. After awhile they decided to check out the rest of the road to see if they might enjoy meeting other birds. How were they to know that they were the only two that owned the road!


One long set of tail feathers

When we first saw those big birds slowly meandering along the way, Dale and I just stood out in the middle of the road watching what they would do and where they would go. We weren’t used to watching peacocks walk along as if they owned the universe, and when they saw us standing in the road, they were saying, “Who are you? Do you live around here?” Since we didn’t speak the same language, I tried to make a few sounds that might sound a little like peacock chatter. Obviously it didn’t because the big birds just turned and hurried back home.

As a few days went by, we could hear the birds talking together and wondered it they would ever come back to see us. Now some of you already know what happened, so I’ll skip right along. Yes, they did come back and since they found a couple of bird lovers, they decided to investigate our land and new trees, our cute cat, the garden, the barn, the shed, and lots of other things that interested them.

How well I remember when they first discovered the barn roof! One day when I was checking out the garden before I went into the house, I heard a very strange sound, then another. The larger peacock left the area in front of the barn, and flew right up to the shed roof, then on higher to the roof of the barn.


The barn is on the left of our back yard

Just a bit of time went by until the smaller bird followed the same path. Straight up from the ground to the shed and then to the opposite of the place which was held by the large peacock. Everything seemed to happen at once, while I stood so surprised to see what had happened in just a few minutes.

When I went up to the house and told Dale the story, he was surprised as well. We went back to the barn where we could easily see the birds and talk about how quickly they had made the trip from the ground to the roof.

Not too long after that incident, Joe called to say that he would be down to pick up his peacocks. He asked that we take the vehicles out of the garage, so when the birds were chased inside, the door could be shut so they couldn’t get out. The last words he said before coming to our house were, “DON’T FEED ‘EM!”

Joe and his two friends did what he had planned to do, and we were told to let him out the door into the kitchen with the bird he had in his hand and the other which was carried away by one of the young helpers. Into the little vehicle went the peacocks and off they went to their home just up the road. That was the last time we saw the smaller bird. Joe says that he must have wandered away from their land and been hit by a car. (to be continued…) – CHRIS

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