Slides, Snows, and Cats


[ Slides on the viewing tray ]

February 24 – Years ago 35mm slides were all the thing, and Chris literally took hundreds and hundreds of them. We have them stored in trays and boxes.

Unfortunately, our projector died out and we ended up throwing it away. Since these projectors are no longer available, we now have the slides but no projector to view them with! I think some intelligent manufacturer should come up with projectors again…


[ Checking out old slides ]

We do have a slide sorter, and I have been putting slides on the sorter, which has a light bulb behind it, and we can view the slides at normal size. Many of them need to be enlarged, however, in order to see them well, and we are not seeing them well.

Chris has been spending time downstairs lately, cleaning up and tidying things in general, and should probably be thinking up a new blog too. I should run down and see how she is doing, as I can hear the vacuum running. That sweeper is probably about full of dirt but if I take off the lid to dump the junk out, the filter will doubtless fall apart, for long ago it was worn out and only held together by cord or a rubber band.


[ Any snow is too much snow! ]

With all this lovely (?) weather lately, I’ve been needing to go out and shovel snow out of our driveway so we can get to town. However, my snow-shoveling days are obsolete, and some warm weather would be ideal to take care of it for me. Our truck has a load of stuff in it that we need to take to Pleasant Hill for the thrift store. Thursday was our usual town day but the weather hasn’t been cooperating much lately.

So why is Thursday our town day? (1) Thursdays are garage sale days in warm weather, and (2) at the thrift store things are discounted 50 percent to senior citizens, and that includes us. Because of many snowy and icy days, we have missed going to church for two or three times already this month and may soon forget how to get there (although we did make it today!).

Cat still feels the need to go outside for a few minutes even in the cold, but possibly she will want to stay out for a long time and we will have to call and coax endlessly at bedtime to get her to come in. Once she does come in, she is usually content and wants to be petted and praised for several minutes.


[ Cat under the rug]

Then she will lie on the rug on my side of the bed, and loves to have the rug thrown over her. So warm and cozy, she may stay there until we go to bed, and then she will jump up on the old dresser beside the window, where there is a pillow lying just for her pleasure.

She will look out the window for a long time, enjoying the moonlight. When she does decide to jump down we can always hear the thump as she lands on the floor and scampers off to have a snack or change her resting place to the old rocking chair in the living room. Good night for now! – DALE

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