Be Willing to Work…

November 13 – Just listened to several TV programs where all of the invited participants were free to answer the questions posed by the moderator. As I moved from one channel to another and then back again, I found there was no conversation at all, except for the results of the election last week. Some commentators were quite sure that all would be well, now that we have a president-elect who will listen to the voice of the people while working on his promised agenda. Some were sure that nothing “would work” as long as the political party now in charge continued with their hateful remarks and planned actions. Some on the other side were happy that our beloved country could move forward now and give us a new start.

161113_quoteMy reaction to the arguments that some so vociferously were bringing forth, as they interrupted the speaker who was arguing on the other side was, “Here we go again!” And these are the “wise ones” who are not able to accept any views opposite to their own. They can’t, or won’t, even let others who might be speaking more quietly, have a part in the discussion. With much shaking of the head and rolling of the eyes, with fire in their voices, they made me wonder how our beloved country will ever get back together as one. How can we expect those living in other countries around the world to listen to us if we can’t even listen to each other?! How can we speak to anyone concerning a unified government in THIS country?

At one time there was no doubt of our being the greatest country in the world. Those were the happy days when our talking together was known as a peaceful conversation, when everyone had the right and privilege of speaking his mind. So what happened to change all of this? Could it be that we, at least some of us, won’t play if we don’t win? If we don’t have our own way? If huge crowds are moved to shouts of joy, or on the other hand, tears of equal sadness?

People will be talking about this election of 2016 for a long, long time. Some are ready to embrace all that the new president puts on our plate, while others don’t even want to mention his name except in disgust. If we are stuck in the same programs that have been with us now for years, or programs that just began not too long after the last election, what of our beloved country?

161113_handshakeIf we never plan to see a light at the end of the tunnel, there’s not much hope for us here. We need to think about these questions and be willing to work with the opposition, whether of one party or the other, if we want to see a country that is a true example to nations around the world. – CHRIS

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