The Birds But No Bees, and the Flowers and the Trees

August 18 – Nothing spectacular has happened for the last several days, and you can be sure that we did not have one complaint about that. Sometimes we choose to do extra jobs just because that’s the way we grew up, but once in awhile it’s just very nice to have a few extra hours in which we don’t have anything pressing, anything that just has to be done in the next few minutes. Hooray for those times which seldom occur. I told someone just a day or two ago that if I weren’t really busy with so many things to take care of, I probably wouldn’t last very long. (In that case, I would have to choose to be busy, right?)


[ Fall flowers ]

The spring wild flowers have departed long ago, and the summer ones are now starting to give way to those that bloom in the fall. So many more wild flowers add color to the fields and look so beautiful as we drive or walk past them. The pink coneflowers have been blooming for quite a while now, ahead of those we have as garden flowers on our front hill. The white flowers that we see now and again along the path through the pastures are way behind in their blooming.

On the way back from church recently, we saw at least fifty of them all in one area. We have checked through several flower books and have not yet come up with their name. White yarrows continue to bloom in the sunshine, and the yellow/green milkweeds are all over the pasture in little groups. The spiked lobelia, and a few pink or white wild roses still add a little color to the area along the paths, but they can’t even compare with those we enjoyed earlier.


[ Turkeys on the loose ]

We were surprised several weeks ago as we looked out the back window and saw three turkeys moseying around the area just a bit off the driveway. With not a care in the world, they continued their journey inspecting their surroundings and taking time to peck up some of the birdseed left over from an earlier feeding that morning. They looked healthy and happy as they made their way down to the creek.

Then the very next day just one of the three birds came walking down the road, taking her time, pecking and looking around. When she reached the mail box, she continued on past, walking right down the middle of the road, then slipping under the barbed wire fence to the path I keep mowed for our walks. Yesterday that same turkey followed the same path while we watched, with another repeat this morning. Surely it can’t be taking a walk for its health, the way we do, but even if we don’t understand why this particular bird has walked the same path for several days, it’s just lots of fun to watch her.

We have a brilliant blue bunting visiting our feeder these days. Talk about beautiful! The mocking birds are still around, but because their families have pretty well grown, we don’t see them all over the place as we used to. We could be sure that several would perch on the wires near their nest in the mock orange bush, singing away to show their satisfaction at finding a place for their nest.


[ Country roads, take me home ]

After the first family had left, we found another nest in the trumpet vine, where they were covered with enough leaves that they felt safe. This year we have heard just a few songs from those birds that usually go through their repertoire from the beginning to the end before starting over again. The other day as we sat on the porch, I began to tweet out “Cheer, cheer, cheer,” wondering if the mocking bird would join me! Finally, after pondering the matter, he came up with a really true rendition of the cardinal’s song along with that of several other birds.

I know I have written plenty about living on our eighteen acres out here in the country, but I will never tire of repeating it. We never really lived in a big city back in Pennsylvania, but these days we truly are out in the farm country, away from even a little city, and we like it that way! So many interesting items in nature, so much fresh air, so little traffic on our country road, and neighbors, though farther away than in the city, are friendly and helpful, willing to help when needed. No wonder we consider ourselves richly blest, every day! – CHRIS



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