The Fruit(Trees) of our Labor


[ Magnolia blossom ]

March 30 – Our big magnolia bush on the front lawn surprised us earlier last week, satisfied with the large and beautiful blooms that grew for all to admire. We didn’t have much time to become part of that “admiration society,” though, because the strong winds that ruined the daffodils did the same for the magnolia. Some of the apricot blooms and those of the Nanking bush cherry didn’t have much of a chance to show off either, and for the same reason.


[ Plum blossoms ]

The plum tree that gave us a basket of lovely yellow-red fruit about 10 years ago when it was first planted isn’t doing well again this year. Nor is the prune tree which had a wonderful crop several years ago, but nothing since. Lots of promise as the fruit forms, but before they ripen, the ground is filled with those that fell off on their own, or were blown off by the wind. Thinking of these delightful fruits makes me hope for the best.


[ Apricot blossoms ]

In years past while mowing the lawn with the big riding mower, I would stop at that tree (along with a few others), to enjoy a “fruit drink” from the plums before continuing on the mowing path. Again this year our apricot trees didn’t plan on having much fruit, if any.

Hopefully some of the buds from the three cherry trees will turn into fruit and hang on till harvesting time. Of course, much as I don’t like the idea of having trees with no fruit, it’s still good to be outside a good bit of the day, pulling out weeds under them, and clipping off some of the dead branches. Birds enjoy their branches, too.

The Giant Asian pear trees started with so many blossoms that I could just imagine we would be picking baskets of fruit later during the summer, but judging from the white blossoms on the ground around the trees, we may not get a wonderful crop this year! At least myriads of buzzing bees are moving quickly from flower to flower doing their pollination job.


[ Violet violets ]

This week as we walked the trails, we noticed that the violets are blooming. Quite tiny, they seem to stick together as a family. Some are purple (or violet, whichever you prefer), others white, and still others white with purple streaks. One good thing about violets; they seem to spring up everywhere, and do their best to brighten the area around, sometimes growing profusely in groups of twenty or thirty. – CHRIS


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