Division of labor

Our bamboo gets rather tall...

Our bamboo gets rather tall…

January 16 – Are any of you out in the sunshine this afternoon? Chris is, but I’m here working at the keyboard. Just finished reading a thick book about perennial plants and found out a lot about them but probably won’t be doing much in the way of planting them. There sure are a lot of them.

I’m not sure what Chris is doing outside; probably cutting back some of the bamboo canes. Not sure whether to just let them stand there in the patch, or cut them down to make way for next year’s growth. With these toenails of mine, I try to be careful how I step, so don’t think I’ll work at the bamboo yet!

Chris also did the washing today and dried it all in the dryer as it was still below freezing outside when she was ready to hang them on the line. I’ve cleaned inside the house and just have the kitchen floor to sweep after awhile.

Cat showing off her toothbrush and plastic egg

Cat showing off her toothbrush and plastic egg

We had our usual Thursday shopping day in Pleasant Hill yesterday, and saw some of our friends in the shops that we hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks. Boy, gas was down to $1.63 but we didn’t need any yet so didn’t indulge. At Price Chopper we used a Christmas gift card, which reduced the need for our checkbook. Of course we had a pleasant time talking to all of the employees there that we are friendly with and hadn’t seen for some time. Got a 50-lb bag of white millet at the pet and feed store to feed our “feathered friends”, and that should last for a long time. Cat is still enjoying her bag of cat food she received for Christmas – she sure does like it! – DALE

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