A bit of this, a bit of that

Boxes in the basement

Boxes in the basement

January 16 – Earlier this week when the temperature was still in the mid-20s, I walked around the trails, faster than usual because I wanted to see if I could still make a 15-minute mile. Sure, I know that’s not a very good record, but there are so many lumps and bumps from the moles playing around under the sod, that I just can’t do any better. Just thinking of all the work that I hope to accomplish as I clean out the woods made me tired! Some trees down, so many branches fallen, wild rose bushes everywhere, and lots of those thorny Osage orange saplings.

That same afternoon we shelled some pecans that we got for Christmas. Those nut meats are now safely resting in the freezer untill the other nuts already in storage jars are eaten. Later in the afternoon as I finished packing up the boxes in the basement, Dale dragged them up the stairs, but I tried to carry up as many as I could because of his painful toe! He did carry up the electric keyboard with legs that we had planned to give to one of the church kids.

More quilt tops that didn't make it into quilts

More quilt tops that didn’t make it into quilts

It was an interesting job sorting out the buttons, iron on patches, etc. that we wanted to take to the sewing ladies who come to Harvesters. Lots of surprises opening the boxes and tins. I really hate to get rid of all that I am donating to the cause, but I must admit, I ‘ll never use it!

After supper, I spent a couple of hours checking through some of my stamp materials that hadn’t been put in order for several months. Just don’t have time for that sort of thing when the spring through fall seasons come along. The garden and lawn mowing take up all the hours we can put in at that time. It was fun to find plate blocks, etc. that I had forgotten I had. Nice lot of used stamps, too, mostly from friends who don’t have e-mail to use and so still use the postal service.

Cat with toothbrush

Cat with toothbrush – just because

And of course I could hardly wait to take off a bit of time to work more of those crossword puzzles. I am getting more used to how those guys think and write, so am pretty well going through OK, but sometimes I get stuck. Sometimes I have to read the clues to Dale and ask him if he could figure out the answer. Even he is getting used to the puns and play on words now and comes up with the proper Tom Swifty, even if he doesn’t see any letters that I have written down. – CHRIS

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