Christmas poetry

December 22 – For a slight change of pace, here’s a Christmas poem that Chris and I wrote recently, then read in church this past weekend.

In the Fullness of Time

by Chris and Dale Fairchild

The fullness of time had come to the earth,
As Satan exulted in winning the war,
While leading the people to ruin and shame,
Forgetting the blessings God gave them before.

The unfallen worlds watched for God to arise
To sweep away all on the earth,
But the time had now come for His Son to be born,
To prove that these humans had worth.

The King of Glory, left heaven above
To come and to dwell among men,
To show that God’s love was amazing and great,
He had left all His glory and then

Came down to a world filled with sorrow and sin
To win back His children below,
To suffer temptation and sorrow and death,
That all would His wondrous love know.

Now all of the world should be taxed, Caesar said,
And to Bethlehem Joseph did go
With Mary his wife, expecting a child,
To pay up their taxes we know.

No room was there found in that city that night;
The inns were just full to the brim,
So with cattle and sheep, and donkeys, and more,
A manger was home then for Him.

High in the heavens the angelic throng sang,
Repeating words over again,
‘Glory to God in the highest, and peace
On earth and good will toward men.’

And out in the fields where shepherds abode
Watching their flocks in the night,
The angels bent down with good news for all
Allaying their feelings of fright.

They gave then their message to rise up and go
To Bethlehem’s manger to see
The dear Son of God, born to Mary that night,
To set Satan’s captives all free,

Departing with haste, the shepherds rushed on
To find the dear little boy,
Who had given up heaven and closeness to God,
To bring to this earth such great joy.

But Mary kept all of these things in her heart
And pondered their meaning each day,
While shepherds returning again to their flocks
Did glorify God on their way.

Now heaven and earth are no wider apart
Today as when angels did sing,
For humanity still is the object of love,
As believers to Jesus still cling.

So to meet a strong conflict, to win in the end,
God gave His dear wonderful Son,
To battle with Satan, to win all for us,
When He would be known as the One

Who lived and Who died to save each one from sin.
Be astonished, O earth! here is love,
Our Redeemer came down to save every one
Who chooses a home up above.



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