The Dentist at Christmas

December 23 – Got to visit the dentist recently, where she told me what I had already thought: no problem. Why my gums have been sore for over a week, neither she nor I could figure out, but the x-ray showed nothing. All of her poking and prodding, and pricking didn’t either, so she sent me away with, “Just keep up on your regimen: brushing, flossing, rinsing with plenty of water, and using mouth wash.” Good news, too! I didn’t have to pay anything, thanks to my insurance counting this visit an emergency!

141223_GiftpacksSo with the dentist taken care of, off to buy candy and nuts for friends and family. So nice to see everyone so happy and helpful and patient, with big smiles adorning their faces! If the Christmas season with Christ as the center brings on the big changes in lives, wouldn’t it be really neat to celebrate every day! Forget the gifts and all of the hassle, just remember Who is truly the reason for the season.

And speaking of Christmas, we are done for another season with Christmas plays, programs, dinners, etc. except for going over to Popes for Christmas dinner on Thursday. Have finished writing to all of our relatives who sent Xmas cards, and that took forever! (even though they were all bunched together in one)

taking a cat nap

taking a cat nap

We have been listening to The Sound of Music with the original cast on the CD player; earlier this week we watched most of the same program, only the actors and singers were all different. We noticed that right away. I have always enjoyed that story, especially since the family came over here to live in New England. – CHRIS

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