Storm in the Sky


[ “Rummy-cubit” ]]

August 24 – My post this time has to do with weather, both uncomfortable and bad! A couple of weeks ago now, our son David was out here with us, about 50 miles from home for a visit. Since all of us like the old game of Rummikub, he decided to play a couple games with us before going on home. Poor guy, and poor me as well, as Dale won both games. I think he was trying to impress David with his ability to take the top spot, as usually when we play, just the two of us, he does NOT win!

Once David head for home that night and had driven a few miles, he was seeing the rain coming down at a pretty good clip! While we were inside, all dry and cozy, and really enjoying the rain that was so heavy, the branches of the maple trees were hanging low. When we looked out the windows we could see nickel size hail which covered a good part of the porch, sidewalk, and driveway.

Poor David, not being inside, was experiencing just the opposite. The heavy rains and high winds made it very hard to do much in the way of getting home, as the fifty mile trip seemed much farther. Hard to see, too because of the bright headlights on oncoming cars.


[ Tree in David’s Yard ]

When the phone rang awhile later, I called out to Dale, “Better get the phone. It’s probably David.” His first words were, “Now I can’t talk long. Just checking on you to make sure you’re OK. When I got home I found that the power was out, and I’m afraid my phone will give out. Can’t charge it without electricity!” Unfortunately, that was not the only problem. Without power, there’s no air conditioning, and this was an especially hot night!

Fortunately for the family, the power came back on about four in the afternoon the next day! How different that was when compared to so many thousands who weren’t that blessed. In fact, some of the customers were still without power a week later! The local electric company has had help from many groups nearby as they join together to get things going as usual.

Many of the power losses were caused by trees being struck by lightning and falling across roads, ruining roofs, or keeping streets dark and dangerous. When David gave us a report a day or two later, we found out that they had fallen trees and many branches in their yard after the storm. As I remember he had to repair the fence that surrounds the yard, too. During that time that his power was off, he felt just a little warmer than he does when the AC is working! Well, more than a little. While he toughed it out at home, mostly outside, his wife had gone off to the school where she is the registrar and secretary. Of course, the school did have power!


[ busted Black Walnut ]

The next day after the storm, Dale and I spent quite a few hours trying to clean up the yard. First of all, we started at the black walnut tree that has provided us with good nuts ever since we lived here. The broken branches were so big that Dale had to saw them apart so we could carry them back to the burning pile half a block away. Hanging from every branch were lovely walnuts, nowhere mature, so those will be wasted. Just for fun I gathered a bunch of them together and piled them up just to show the number that had to be tossed out.


[ Big tree branch down ]

After six or so trips back to the pile, dragging the branches behind us, we were just completing the job when I happened to lift my head up, and look to the left. I got a big surprise! One of the biggest trees we have—or had—had been broken off during the night before, and there it lay blocking the path along the trail and giving us a big surprise! By that time we were too tired out to take on another job, so after trying to figure out what to do with it, we went up to the garage to sit on the tail gate of the truck and rest up for awhile. Usually, I am the one who wants to keep going even if I am worn out, but not this time. I had had more than enough with all of the heat and the pulling of branches, and it was nice to clean up and rest!

Later in the week as I was mowing the lawn, I noticed that the strong winds had ruined something else. Scattered around the Asian pear trees, were quite a number of pears that I picked up in a bucket. Out in the garage they are sitting, not giving any sign of even getting soft. Off to one side of the pear is an apple tree where I picked up some Golden Delicious, hoping they will get ripe as well. In the same area I found a couple dozen pears. Will they ripen? Who knows? All I know is that the storm picked FOR us this time! – CHRIS

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